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Sikhs That Fought For The British

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should those that fought for the british in WW1 n WW2, be remembered as soldiers who fought for the cause, or sikhs that sold out and fought for the tyranical british empire ?

this is something that has been on my mind recently, in regards to a lot of significance being given to sikh soldiers, and rightly so in regards to their strong instincts and lack of fear for death.

BUT !!!

those ppl that fought for the british, where most probably partly responsible for India being under british rule for so long, with our ppl being so divided by those that fought for the british and those that fought against the british.

and in regards to this post, im not just highlighting sikh soldiers that fought, but also hindu and muslim lacky's of the british, etc.

is it a glorious past ?

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i think u've read some propagande..

please read what demands British had for India being realised..from Mohandas gandhi who hwas not even NEAR being a "Mahatma"...

and why Sikhs had to fight for british

might want to read about it on

sikhpride.com or thers a lil informaiton in the sikhism section of pure-panjab.net

Bhull chukk maaf

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Sat Sri Akal:

Contrary to popular belief, most soldiers join the Army because it is a source of income first and a noble profession second. Sikhs, like most humans, need money to sustain themselves and their families.

However, when Sikhs were shown that independence from the British, they were relentless in their sacrifice to rid the nation of the British.

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I advice u read:


(Example 1)

"I would give up the finest sons of India to save the British empire in it's dying hour"

(Example 2)

"We [indians] can only be granted the responsibility of freedom once we learn to civilze ourselves first. [like the British]"

Also I advice u read a bit articles on why Sikhs fought for the brits

i.e. on Sikhpride.com :)

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Yeah, the "independence" has been really great for us Sikhs :roll:

I meant independance for Hindia

Dunno the validity of this, but just seemed interesting, but in Max Arthur Macauliffe's works on the Sikh religion, he says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji prophesised to his Sikhs that those Sikhs who fight for the British will be more prosperous than those who ally with the Hindus and Muslims.

Can u specify which volume, and which page.. :?

jaliawaleBhag..wasn't very pelasant for Sikhs was it :?:

cAn u please provide page number :)

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