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Reincarnation in Sikhism


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Sat sri akal,

I've searched on this site and can't find the answer to my question..

Sikhi believes in reincarnation. Hinduism and buddhism believes in reincarnation too..my teacher told me that buddhists believes that you will be reborn, if you've been a good person you will reach nirvana and if you haven't been a good person you will be reborn again and you can try to become a better person in the next life. My teacher told me that Buddhists believe that you can reborn as an animal he also told me that buddhists believe that poor people haven't been good people in their earlier life that's why they are poor.

Now my question is, what does Sikhism say about reincarnation? Is it like Buddhism. That you can be born as an animal again and what about the poor people. Is it because they haven't been good people in their earlier life?




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Actually, poor is good. Suleman da ghost himself asked sant ji so that he get born in poor family for janam mukhti.. less influence of maya.........

Here is the post on life after death and reincarnation. Its long lengthy research done by sikh scholars, thelogist, psychologist:


Here is live audio convo of this suleman muslim ghost for you:



akaaaaaaaal hee akaaaaal

anand hii anand :D

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nrU mrY nru kwim n AwvY ]

naroo marai nar kaam n aavai ||

When a man dies, he is of no use to anyone.

psU mrY ds kwj svwrY ]1]

pasoo marai dhas kaaj savaarai ||1||

But when an animal dies, it is used in ten ways. ||1||


p.s. listen to bhai niranjan singhs version of the shabad...(tune along with the shabad)

its ill

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