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Amazing Hair


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this is a real good article :) taken from karamkirya.com/sikh_amazing_hair.htm

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Anybody who has long hair has a special presence. It could be a fearsome barbarian, a holy saint, a graceful woman or even a beggar with hair hanging loose over their face. All have a quality that is more than ordinary. They stand out, they are outstanding or they are outsiders, but they are each extraordinary in their own way.

It is less than human to be vain, to think we know better than the creator, to apply technology to the cutting and styling of our appearance, always based on the fear about what others think of us.

It is more than human to keep the hair as nature has given it.

Whether to keep the hair or not is like a decision to b e a lion or a sheep.

Lets first consider the sheep; an animal whose hair gets cut of to serve other people. The sheep gets ordered around by men and dogs as well as gets eaten. It is part of a herd and does not think independently. when we have our hair cut we are like sheep. these creatures are killed for food, chased around fields by dogs and generally kept in fenced areas.

The egyptians cut the hair of their slaves to imply that they were lower or lesser people. prisoners are often subjected to the humiliation of a shaved head, while keeping the hair and bowing to the Guru is an expression of humility. Soldiers have a crewcut to ensure they are obedient to the higher officers, while generals are permitted to keep a beard; a sign of their authority.

A lion on the other hand roams free and no one ever cuts its hair. A lion is considered as a couragous and knoble creature. Its mane reminds us of the rays of the sun and gives an air of dignity to the creature known as the king of all creatures.The lion is more like the shepherd than the sheep, jesus did not cut his hair, while the disciples were asked to be like sheep and follow the leader. This was appropriate for the piscean age that spanned over the last 2500 years. The guru has asked us now all to be more free in this world, to follow no one and stand strong representing the divine word.

There is something divine about the hair. If we cut it then it just grows in stronger. This is the quality of the people of faith, the true community of disciples. When cut down they just become stronger. Like this the hair is not just symbolic, it is also a source of strength. It is a kind of antanae that sends out a signal and receives also. We could even say it is like a bridge between the human and God. Without it we become dependent on others to be that bridge. With the hair uncut, tied up and covered the soul rests more easily in the body, its temporary home, and does not get so easily lost in the world. The concentration of energy at the top of the head will finally help the soul in its moment of departure - to find the way through the tenth gate and back to its original home.

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