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Problems and Challenges.....


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Problems and Challenges

When you are faced with a problem or challenge, what is the first thing you do? Do you think about it? Do you call a friend and ask their advice? Do you shut it away inside you and hope it goes away? Do you write it down in a diary? Do you think about how you?re going to handle the situation? Do you think about a solution?

What do you do?

Do you ever greet the challenge? Do you ever welcome the challenge into your heart? Do you ever smile? Do you ever laugh? Do you ever thank god for testing you? Do you ever appreciate the challenge?

Firstly when you do have "problem", never call it a problem! To call it a problem gives it an advantage over you. Think of it as one of life?s challenges. This instantly creates the mentality within you that it?s something you have to solve or overcome. Secondly, welcome all challenges into your life, sitting there and hoping that everything in life goes smoothly will get you no where.

KNOW that you are going to face problems and challenges in your life and then understand that they come at anytime, in fact, probably at the worst of times! When they do come, don?t brush them aside, think of them as tools to make you stronger, puzzles to make you smarter! APPRECIATE the challenges, if you want, think of them as gifts from God.

When I have a problem, which I haven?t dealt with, my body sends me a warning signal by having a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. So I sit down somewhere quiet, usually on my bed, I think about the problem, analyse it, think of a solution and then implement it!

Don?t feel self pity or feel like you?re alone in the world! ACCEPT the fact that you?re not the only one in the world that?s having problems, in fact count you?re self lucky, there?s always someone in the world 10 times worse off then you!!

If it truly is something that you think you can?t cope with, then air the problem, maybe there?s someone who has gone through the same experiences as you and can share some relevant advice. DON?T shut yourself away! The problem drags on and drags you down with it!

Lastly don?t run from the problem, it can run faster than you and will overtake you and become a permanent hurdle in front of you, one you cannot jump over!

To enjoy life, regardless of all your troubles, laugh when in a sticky situation! I once got locked out of my car in the middle of nowhere, my keys and phone inside, the engine still running, the first thing I did was look up at the sky and laugh. I wasn?t scared for one second. I looked at God and I said thanks for helping me in this situation, because I knew that before I asked, he had delivered

by Donraja From

Please discuss :D

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