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Can i have everyone's views on Cryonics............Do you think it's right or wrong? and What is a Sikh's perspective of this?

Are fools playing the role of God?

What is the use of bringing someone is this world again? Is it possible?


What is 'cryonics'?

Cryonics is a technique designed with the intent to save lives and overcome illness and suffering. It involves cooling patients to the point where physical decay essentially stops, in the hope that technologically advanced scientific procedures will be able to revive them and restore them to good health later on. A patient held in such a state is said to be in 'cryonic suspension'.

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As soon as tissues are frozen their biology is destroyed.It's a bit like freezing a tomato, when you thaw it, it turns to mush.That's because of the action of the water in the cells expanding and contracting, thereby breaking the cell wall, and spilling it's contents.

I have my doubts about wether they''l be able to revive these frozen heads and bodies.Each and every single cell would have to be painstakingly revived all at once.How are they going to manage that?

It'll be a long time in the future before they can do that.And who knows whats going to happen by then?This is typical Western thinking, disregarding Kaal.Kaal (Time) destroys everything.

Kaal eats and eats and eats...always eating.

"The best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray"

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The world has become a Prison. A Prison of Illusion, that is blinding man, after so much pain and suffering in this world he still wants to live in it. Welcome Death. What one cannot attain in his lifetime of 60-70 years, he would not be fullfilled if he lived 1000 years. There are many stories that explain that Death is a Miracle in itself. Accept it, don't fight it. Freezing ones body to be revived in a later time, will only postpone his death. It would suck if someone was revived in the year 2504, and the next day he died in a car crash!

How difficult would it be for the soul to be trapped in this body.

A question is the Mind alive when the Cyonically preserve someoen?? I have heard that when the mind dies, the Soul leaves the body.

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