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Sikhism "The Way Of Life"


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Me got dis in a email............................beautiful

For me, Sikhism is life. I breathe it. I live it. I will die with it. A Sikh is someone who loves to live. A Sikh loves life. For a Sikh, life is becoming one with the almighty, sweet Waheguru and humanity. Life for a Sikh is a continual learning process. A Sikh is someone who is "man/woman" enough to admit his or her mistakes and learn from those mistakes. This is the essence of life. The Gurus know we are just human beings. We will make mistakes. A Sikh is someone who LEARNS from those mistakes and does not repeat them. Yes, a Sikh learns from experience. A Sikh is like a walking, physical laboratory. A Sikh simply gives. Gives his mind, body and soul for a cause. A Sikh does not give out of pity, but out of love, for love is what colors the soul of a Sikh. A Sikh shares food with those who are hungry. A Sikh shares his wealth with those who are poor. A Sikh shares his clothing with those who are unclothed. A Sikh lends his or her hand to those needing help. A Sikh stands for truth and justice when there is falsehood or injustice. Yes my friend, a Sikh

simply gives. Giving is the nature of a Sikh, its just natural. A Sikh gives not to a particular kind of people, but to ALL PEOPLE regardless of color, sex, and religion belief. A Sikh is a genuinely concerned individual who lives for the well being of humanity. Yet, a Sikh does not expect anything in return. A Sikh simply wishes to share all this love, which colors his or her soul. A Sikh is someone who has the God given energy or potential to become the all round individual. Yes indeed! A Sikh can be spiritual, athletic, poetic, artistic, humorous, compassionate, a successful person in the working world, friendly--a genuine human being. A Sikh can indeed be all of these things and more. A Sikh can become the super-human-being. Why? Because a Sikh FACES CHALLENGES HEAD ON. No matter how difficult a situation is, no matter how undoable the situation seems, a Sikh never gives up hope, never gives up spirit. A Sikh does not know what giving up is. Nothing is impossible for a Sikh. As a follower of the sweet Gurus teachings, a Sikh is blessed with God given energy and strength to change the impossible to the possible. Yes my friend, others like to swim with the current, others like to walk with the wind, but a Sikh holds onto the hand of the Guru and swims against the current of life, walks against the wind. The ocean of life seems so vast, so big, and almost never-ending and others see this as a difficult swim to undertake. A Sikh comes to this ocean, and without any hesitation jumps into this ocean of life with body, mind and soul and swims until the ocean is crossed. Yes my friend, Sikh is a fighter--a warrior of life.

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