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Download Nihang Video Documentary


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i did, no reply, SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME,

i connect to it, and it says this:

*** Connected

<Hub-Security> This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4 (UpTime: 401 hours, 57 minutes)

*** Disconnected

whats dis mean?? how do i stop it from disconnecting?!?!?!??!!?

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do you have the second part of the documentary I have been trying to get hold of that documetary for years !!

I know joga and his father and recently stayed with them in India. I also know Hari Singh so it was great seeing the documentary.. Do you hyave the second part of the documentary as it seems to finish during adverts?

I believe its called Hari Singh a Knight of God. I should be able to upload some movies I have of Uday Singh and joga riding their horse and getting the horse to dance and matha tekh !!

Let me kno if you can get hold of the second part of the documentary..


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i dont have second part but another user in hub had full version he will upload it soon as he gets a tv/vid card.

for those of yous that dont know how to get dc++ running i have made a website with step-by-step instructions ahd a tutorial.


check out other new addditions to hub:

nanakana sahib vids

harmandir sahib vid

lots more coming

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