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I wasnt happy with my own performance.. so i gave myself warning to boast the performance

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

:oops::oops::oops: This thread warrants another warning for you... :wink:

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express myself about contraception?... hahah.... well no yaar! thats my PERSONAL IDEAS!!!! dont wanna share.

if one one person star saying it should be or shoud not be accepted in sikhi,,, people are gonna bang with ALLLLLL the litterature they can find over this and that... and try to PROOVE themsef the RIGHTEST person, the MOST EDUCATED person in this world!..

so yeah, nevermind...

but yeah i can say one thing, jo kush vee karmans vich likhia, it will happen, no matter what you do.

and look around yourself. There are people dying and spending some crazy amounts of money to have a CHILD a bundle of joy in their arms, while other try to prevent this from happening.

This contraception is not about conception..... ITS ABOUT PLEASURE!

my ideas, yaar... dont come bashing out with litterature telling me wrong. everyone has the right to think what they want. :twisted:


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lol.. you silly brother! aarrrghhh!!!

i dont need to physically express love, love is shared soul to soul. ;-)

i got you!.. you #%$$#%#$%,... hehehehe..

you are soo naughty, brother... ;-)

nah man.. no one actuall should express themself on this subject cause it will only start another fight which will end by peopl syaing dont attack me personaly, so forget it. people are free to think what thy want, right?

bye lah.

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YES people are free to think what they think!!! and forget those peepz who wanna prove em selves right.. juz makes em feel superior, so let em juz blab on... lol n e wayz i think Contraception shud be OK!!! u don't want 16 kids on ya back!!! my mom tellz me that many sikh women are afraid to take the pill and if they do their mother/mother-in-law tend to be ignorant to this and yell at em! well makes sense, sum tradtitional peepz don't understanddddddddddd but yo itz about PLANNIN first so yeah CONRACEPTION is good! no doubts.. ((oh yeah my mom is a doc by the way.. and almost everyone knowz me as the docz kid and a lot of sikhs go to herrrrrrrr) lol ok n e wayz one!

:) <-- imagine a chunni on da smilie! one!

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i m confused on this topic,

because we are not suppose to do these things for pleasure.

and sex is suppose to be performed for repraduction.

please correct me if i m wrong

Ermmmmmmmmmmm, Sorry to sound so westernized but that is just totally wrong.

If sex is only for reproduction, then some people shouldn't get married in the first place..and some couples might not have sex their entire life if it was solely to the purpose of "reproduction"..

Because, at often t imes some individuals know if they are infertile or sterile...If you know you can't reproduce, then why have sex? ..(According to what you assumed) ..So Then Why even marry?

And moreover...pregnancy is not guaranteed after every intercourse...So then the time you can't get pregnant, it was done for pleasure?

Also, this isone of those types of things that is suppose to strenghten a relationship ...and I know self-control is out there ..but sometimes it can be "naturally" driven (If you know what I mean , LOL) ..

I think its okay ...long as you aren't llike 7/11 - Open twenty four hours and to anyone..

It should be an intimate feeling with onlly one individual ..(unless other circumstances arise....)

There is too many points that contardict that statement of yours..

I just can't stop laughing..thinking if someone was married for fifty some years...and wanted only one child..that is like one time ..out of the fifty years..instead of that just live a single life..and adopt a kid...(Instead of going through that pain for nine months n' stuff!

Hope I made Sense..

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