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I have a question regarding those who support / don't support/ don't care regarding the dying (of late anyway) issue if Khalistan.

Will it ever arise, and what will it be like ? will we have minorities (what's the point in creating a Sikh nation then) or will we give others around the world a chance to immigrate to Khalistan, provided they accept Sikhism as thier faith.

Will it be intolerant and riven by caste and creed differences like Pakistan?

Will the lighter skinned always end up in top jobs?

Will the women be treated as second class citizens?

or will our future leaders doctrine the principles of our glorious faith into the structure of the nation.....

Anyway, this is slight fantasy, so what do you brothers and sisters think?

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Khalistan will exist when we have a Khalsa worthy of it.

Half the "sikh" politicians are as corrupt and obsessed with depravity as ther other religion fellows.

Just haiving aKhalistan will not magically make things better or make Sikhs feel more secure.

There are only 2 nations in the world that were created om the basis of religion - Israel and Pakistan and niether of those is a shining example of the utopia we would have with our own religious home.

Also u gotta look at the practicalties of it.

The punjab is the bread absket of India will India relinquish any part of it easily ??? I think not and a state that small would end up being a pawn of either Indian or Pakistani politics cos in all honesty it aint strong enuff to stand on its own.

But the main problem with having a Khalistan is who we pick to lead it - Hell we had a killing in a candian gurdwara over the issue of ppl sitting down instead of eatting at tables - here in leicester we had a guy knock another guys pagh off in the main diwan hall when they comittee elections came round.

at themo Sikhs aint capable of leading themselves the ones who want power shouldnt be allowed it cos they are slef serving tossers.

When ther is a true Khalsa ppl then there will be a Khalistan

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