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Our Sikh Faith... through the words of an 8 yr old


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Our Sikh Faith

Doing good to the people is the way of a Sikh.

Sharing with the needy, makes the day of a Sikh.

Truth is above everything. Highest is truthful living.

God is our father, His children are we.

Love every person and pray to Thee.

Taking the rights of others pollutes the mind.

Always be honest and ever be kind.

Neither be a robber, nor be a cheat.

Be sincere to all, your dealing be neat.

Service to people is service to God.

Rituals, if hollow, value not.

Life is merely a temporary charm.

Be good to all and do no harm.

Fear none, frighten none.

Love the Lord, the Almighty One.

Truth is stronger than a gun.

Millions can be defeated by one.

Why lose your faith to save your life.

Faith lives with you even after you die.

Sikhs do not lie even if they have to die.

Many places in Delhi are there to tell.

Sikhs love their faith and at no cost do they sell.

Khalsa willingly make sacrifice,

So people may have peace all their life.

Daring deeds is the Khalsa ploy.

Evil they will always destroy.

Khalsa love and respect their hair.

They may be murdered but they do not care.

But if the Khalsa was to fall,

There would not be a world at all?

By Manrita Kaur (age 8)

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