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Dis is for Harjit Singh


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I kno u ppl might tink im probably being melow dramatic, but, i jus heard bout my uni lecturer which was also my friend at Middlesex University. He died in a car accident, i felt really shocked 2day hearing da news.

I would like 2 tell u a little bout him. He was a good man, he was a guy dat also worshipped Waheguru, he was even amrithdheri, he was da guy dat bought me closer 2 sikhi, who without him i would hav been lost. Da guy dat told me look into sikhi 4 urself, dont go 2 different Sants, cos ur always ganna get a different teachings and end up confussed, go 2 da source, look in Guru Granth Ji.

He also looked after me, gave me lifts bak home from uni which was 2 hrs away from my house, made sure i was @ home on time, we also had laughs. I even remeber da last time we had a good time 2gether @ a dinner party of my friends b.day.

So dis post is a remembrance of Harjit Singh, a University lecturer, da guy dat started sikh society @ Middlesex University, Trent Park, da guy dat brought me closer 2 Sikhi.

Kirtan Sohia

Rag Gauri Dipki Mehla 1

Hymn composed by the First Guru.

In a house where people sing the praises of God and talk about

His greatness, in that house you sing Sohila (the wedding song)

and remember the wonderful God. ||1||

You sing the praises of my fearless God, I sacrifice myself for such

a hymn, the reciting of which gives me confort. ||1|| Rahao

God, who daily looks after His creation and sustains it; and who

gives priceless gifts has no equal to him. ||2||

The year and the actual hour of one's departure from this world is

pre-ordained. Let all of us prepare ourselves for that moment of

time, the bride's maids put oil in the brides hair and set them for

her departure, a day before the wedding. Let all of us bless the

souls who are leaving their homes to meet their beloved (Waheguru). ||3||

The messages of departure are sent daily to different households,

let us all meditate on Him before our day of exit comes. ||4||

There are six Hindu scriptures, written by six different authors

which give us six different doctrines. They all belong to one God

who has many manifestations. ||1||

A place where is sung the creator's praises, that place is worth

reverence ||1|| Rahao

There are different seasons and different divisions of time, but

there is only one Sun from which emanates the time and seasons.

God is one but has many manifestations. ||2||

The limitless sky is huge platter, illuminated by suns and moons,

full with the cluster of stars, sprayed with the smell of most

fascinating saplings of the mountains, resting

with the oozing touch of the great sea breezes and decorated with

counterless and most colourful flowers of the vegetation. ||1||

O! the marvellous designer of the universe, how unusual is Your

Arti. Amidst the vastness of nature many instruments are

playing on their own to sing Your praises. ||1|| Rahao

O God! You have thousands of eyes, yet we cannot see any one of

them; You have thousands of images yet have no image;

thousands of holy and clean feet, yet no feet and thousands

of noses yet we cannot see any nose. This is the suspence of Your

form. ||2||

You reside in Your creation and it is created in Your image.

You illminate it with your light. You manifest it with Your own Grace.

Your arti is what pleases you. ||3||

I am longing to drink the water touched with Your lotus feet,

Everyday, like a sarand, I look forward towards the skies to have a

drop of the blessed water. I want to be engrossed forever in Your

worship. ||4|| ||3||

Rag Gauri Purbi Mehla 4

Human mind is full with passions and anger and the company of

the holy men can break its vicious state of mind. The past karmas

bring you near or take you far form the noble men.

Those who are engrossed in His hymns they reach the kingdom of

God. ||1||

The respect of holy men is a noble dead.

Bowing to the holy men is also very noble. ||1|| Rahao

The atheists do not understand the feelings of having God in their

minds. They fail to apprehend the ecstasy of realising Him.

The thron of ego does not allow them to feel the bliss.

They eventually suffer in their lives and at the time of death, God

shows no mercy to them. ||2||

The believers, on the other hand, get all the comforts and

happiness of life. They realise God and are honoured in both

the worlds. ||3||

We are poor and are beggars but O! God we are Yours, you are

great and are our support.

Those who have taken the sustenance of God they have achieved

the everlasting happiness ||4||

O! my friends, I request you all to join the company of the holy

people and perform the noble deeds, These will be your earings for

making your next life comfortable ||1||

Life is passing through, days are merging in nights, concentrate

your minds on the Guru, and you will be successfull in all your

adventures ||1|| Rahao

The world is full with evil and filth. Only those people can swim

across this sinful ocean who have tuned themseleves with God ||2||

O! men, realise the purpose for which you come into this world.

Feel the presence of God in you home (heart) now, as you might

not get this opportunity again ||3||

The omnipresent and all powerful God can fulfil all the desires of

ones heart, ask Him for the boon of the saints' feets dust, for in

humility God dwells. ||4|| ||5||

May Waheguru give u grace. :cry:

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Siri Waheguru ji ki Fateh

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