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Manchester RehnSabhai

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HEYYYYYYYYYYY! Just got back from the wicked rehn sabhaiiii!! Really Loved it!!! TOP JATHAY!!.

But a humble request is to bann the bombay alpha etc panjabi camera man. He severely annoyed many people all night. He kept on standing up to see through his camera!! What had changed within 15 minutes!!?? He kept on sitting on my pathay and knocking ma phag every 2 minutes with his godhay and didnt even say sorry. The best place to allow a camera man is the back! He severly annoyed 15+ people with the constant bickering of; "oh, menuu moviee banaan dedhay!" severly spoilt most of my night because i cudnt get into to the full swing.

I love the translations by the Crazzzie HArminder Pal Singh ji! The GURDWARA is the best gurdwara i have attended in all my life in UK as there is no bickering politics. Simple; Gur de larr naal jurooe. I like the violin auntie jeee and the young tabla player got me into full mood again only to be put off again with the camera man's bottom in my way blocking translations


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