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Simple Guide to Sikhism (World Religion Series)


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Name of the book : Simple Guide to Sikhism (World Religion Series)

Want to buy: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/186...5688775-6166239

From the Publisher

Simple Guide to Sikhism is one of a series of Simple Guides to World Religions, which allow the reader to understand the world's great religions and informality, and to gain valuable insights into key elements of the culture and way of life of the world's major civilizations. All titles are written by informed communicators without bias and free of the hurdles of doctrinal debate, and are presented in a very accessible format with clearly organized topics.

The series is complementary to the Simple Guides to Customs and Etiquette series, and like that series, is ideal for discerning travellers wishing to gain more from their trip or the general reader with an inquisitive mind, as well as students of comparative religion.

From the Back Cover

Simple Guide to Sikhism will help you: Appreciate the cultural significance of Sikhism in everyday life; Recognize the key traditions and festivals; Understand what it means to be a Sikh.

Book Description

The Simple Guide to Sikhism, as with all others in the Simple Guides to World Religions series, provides the reader with an informed and unbiased overview of this religion, presented in a very accessible format. The aim of the book is describe Sikhism's meanings and myths, the teachings these embody, and the practices, rituals and festivals of Sikhism.

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