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The power of Ardas.


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Would like to share this.

"My brother was having a bad cough. He went for a PPD test (Tuberculosis). It was positive. Meaning he did have the virus, he went for the Lung X-rays, it was negative, meaning, the virus was not in the ACTIVE mode.

I was scared. He was my only brother and friend also. I care about him sooo much. He was like a second father to me. I did not wanted him to be ill. I did ardas to Guru ji to please spare my brother from this illness, i would rahter be ill, i will not be able to cope seeing him in pain. Guru ji heard my ardas, no a part of it but completly. My brother went for the PPD skin test from another doctor, 2 months later without taking any medicine, and it was negative. I suddenly started having cough too, and went for the PPD also, and it was positive. I am presently taking medicine to prevent from the virus to become active and spreadable.

Guru ji HEARS ALLLLLL ardas. so be carefull what you ask for. you might think of REGRETING it later.

He is Omnipresent, and listen to every, how innocent would it be, ardas that you do.

THINK TWICE before doing any ardas."


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Princess Sonia Ji, you do not have to think twice before doing any ardaas.

don't give weird advice to people

ardaas can be done by anyone, at anytime, for any reason

But ardaas coming from a true soul, is a humble request,

and if guru ji wishes, he may fulfill that request.

everything happens according to Gods divine will

Just realize this much sometimes manmukhs only remember god in the time of disease, or need.. so disease brings them closer to god, Or in other words, everything just happens because god wants it to. take a problem as a challenge.

if we did paath 24/7 our rogs could be cured. because naam is the true power.

Do ardaas with the true heart, and you never know when god will fulfill it.

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