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Love your enemy....


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taken from sikhnet...

"Love your enemy" statement is heard everywhere in all the religions.

In normal ordinary circumstances we make friends and enemies everyday (war is a different story. Bhai Kanaya is a good example, who demonstrated "love your enemy").

It is difficult to love enemies in everyday life. If we surrender to them completely at work or within families, they might harm us. I know that most of you will say nobody can harm anybody and eveything happens with Waheguru's Bhana. But Waheguru Ji has given us brain to think what to do in those circumstances.

Unless we engraved ourselves in Waheguru's Bhana, its not going to be easy for an ordinary person like me.

Is it O.K. to to get back or just love your enemy?

Please discuss :D

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get bak u mean how? like if som1 says somthin bad to u, or talks behind ur bak and u find out, and to get u decide to 'get bak' by doin da same, umm dats wrong. cuz den dere wont be ne diff between u and da otha person, its beta to jst let ppl say wateva dey want abt u, ofcourse in som situations u need to let dem know dat dere wrong. explain a bit more as to how ud get bak to som1?

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