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So i got back two of my three exams marks, and believe me their pathetic.... i have never been so close to failing before.... I don't get it, I mean I put more effort into my studying this year and my marks fell, last year i din't put much effort, but at least my marks were decent, what the hell is wrong with me? I just don't get it, the more i want to work towards my goal, the more it's like someone is trying to pull me away from it, I'm neva gonna get anywhere, neva mind my goal, with the marks that I have.....

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This is my 2nd yr at uni... and it's crucial for my marks, all throughout high school i was an honors student, and to suddenly become a c student, how can that just happen over nite, i seriously don't understand.

I actually liked the courses i was taking this yr, and i wanted to learn more within those areas, and it takes motivation to achieve doesn't it....so what happened to mine....

I'm at work rite now, and I have to go home and face my parents, they haven't been really happy with me for the past year, my mom's all upset that i'm no longer her star child, like this is seriously screwed....

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Canadian _jatti ji.

I understand what is your situation.

Couple of years ago i finished my Bsc. in Biochemistry (now doing PhD)... i stuggle soooo badly during the first year. I had the LOWEST passing mark in all 5 classes per session i had. I was also sent a letter at home to tell me that i will be kicked out of UNIVERISTY if i dont get more then average 80% during the third session. So i had make myself understand what was happening. I kind of didnt took the UNI. serioouly, i never studied at home or school and never listen teachers in class. would just sit there and day dream.

so at the third session... i enrolled myself in soccer classes-team at university. and i would practice at least 2 hours per day. And THAT kind of help me sooooo much focusing on my study. I didnt study much after, little more then usual, but i listened in classes very carefully and would ask questions until i dont understand it clearly... and at the end i had to re-take 2 classes to bring up my average to be accepted for MSc.


if you need help, let me know.


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Yo wassup...yeah at one point during a lifetime, you always face a negative time period. It's not a big deal. I use to study my ass off when it didnt count...Straight A's throughout middle school...up until like 9th grade I started messin' up...ya know...hormones blah n etc...depression etc...but thas where i discovered myself as a person...even thought i didnt do anything bad like smoke, drink, sex etc...like my parents were so focused on school...yeah education is a big thing...try your best...atleast you know you tried ur hardest...be happy...explain to your parents...atleast you have health, family, and a house. Many in this world are unfortunate. Just try your best, and I'm sure you'll become something!

Take Care, hope everything works out.


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Jatti, I assume you're in the 2nd year biochem program at UBC...I am too, but I'm a total idiot by tryin to do honours biochem (well more like doing it for this year, only to have my low marks get me kicked out in 3rd year :LOL:)

But newayz, I assume you too had chem 202/203 and bio 200, math 200 blah blah as I did. Well, I didn't do too well either.....well not good in respects to the outcome I expected given the amount of studyin I put in :? :x

Yep, I know it's hard to do cope with the fact that we're doin so bad in UNI when we basically slept through highschool and still came out with A+ averages....but in the end, ask urself, what can ya do? Belive me, I've had the same thing happen to me.....thinkin that the constant studyin will pay off, only to have the opposite occur......

But really, I've realized that we all can't be Chinese geniuses :LOL: and I just try to continue on and try not to let it get me down...Why bother lingering in the past....look to the future....and basically, I've told my parents not to get there hopes up too high nowadays :LOL: .....yes, they're pissed, but TOUGH....this SH*T is hard (hell, even when it's easy it's hard....a contradictary thought you'd think, but for those in UNI, ya know what I mean LOL).

In closing, I say, screw it and enjoy your holidays.....i'm sure you've earned it.....Dunno if I have, but hell, I'm enjoyin em newayz haha :P


(crap....i'll be there in january.......)


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You're all wrong. Its a conspiracy, I've discounted every other possibility. Aliens from outer space are controlling our governments - they put implants in bush's bush. They want all clever ppl to fail and all dumb ppl to succeed. years and years from now only dumb ppl will exist on this planet and then the aliens will attack. they will send there women folk down (all of whom bear a close resemblance to aishwarye rai :P ) to impregnate all the men. 6 months later the men will give birth to triplets. Don't ask how they come out :shock: :shock: :shock:

This is the only possibility, it explains why I did worse on a resit exam even though I answered more questions the second time and had actually bothered to revise beforehand.

Now I just need to explain to my parents that I was too intelligent for university and thats why I failed everything. Damn aliens, they've resigned me to a life behind a shop counter.

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