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Just to let u know about a pakhandi: Narinder Garewal

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Sangat Ji, Surinder Multani is a chela of Narinder Garewal. Narinder Garewal, for those of you who are not informed, was a fake Sant in Canada who was noted to call Gurbani Koor Parchar and is noted to have put his feet on Guru Granth Sahib by people who saw his "Diwan"!!! For these actions, newspaper articles came out exposing his actions. A group of Sikhs read this, had a meeting at their local Gurudwara and then marched on this Garewal's house. They proceeded to enter his house and remove the Guru Granth Sahib from further disrespect (the Sikhs say that the Guru Granth Sahib was just sitting there on a table)!

This Multani is the mouthpiece of Garewal and often writes seemingly deep articles about Gurbani, but they are always little statements which make direct attacks on Sikhism. His past writings have called the Panj Pyare incapable of administering Amrit, calling Khandae Battae Da Amrit inferior to Naam Amrit, raising his Guru to the levels beyond the ten Gurus (Garewal's own words detail how he went to Paar Brahm Khand...a Khand that the Gurus do not even mention which is beyond SachKhand), changing of the Fateh of the Tenth Master to replace Waheguru with Satnaam and to call the Guru Granth Sahib incapable of being a Guru, but rather just a book with spiritual matter. If ever challenged, he labels the challengera nindak and proceeds to try to make them feel guilty with Gurbani quoted on nindya.

His garbage was banned by the Panj Pyare assembled to hear his case. Obviously, this Multani has little fear of the decision of the Panj Pyare.

Pass this on to ALL Sikh sites with message forums. Another rise in this grabage-writing is not needed anymore.

Further details on this maha-pakhandi, go here:




if any of u follow him, then that is manmat

wjkk wjkf

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