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Most deffinatly it has an impact, music is the best way to xpress the way u feel, mahraaj says in this time (kaljug) the best thing u can do is kirtan, and i dnt mean the vaja, if u hear the classical instruments u feel the sound, listen to old classical music, u feel the music, its not only about wot they say or wot u hear its bout feeling the music. also ppl say we listen to beats and dnt listen to the words, thats a load of gobbeldy goop, they end up after a while knownin the words, me myself is heavey into the uk garage scene, drum and bass, bhangra, old skool regge, kirtan.

wen i listen to the music i am very selective about wot i listen to, i mean todays traks r :twisted: twisted, killin each otha swearin left right and centre, traks of yesterday, had bare meaning, had nufin to do wid wot its all about today, i mean they was all about love man, and if u put them tracks and c guru init oh my gosh blow ur minds away, and u knw wot they was made for mahraaj aswell!

groups of yesterday like, light house family, ub40, bob marley, listen to wot they got sum of there tracks r mind blowin, u got mary j blidge, her trak no more drama, gabrielle, and then on the other hand u got so solid crew who sing about sex drugs and murder. then u got ppl who r in between, like craig david, whitney houston, 2pac

u gotta b selective to wot u listen to, ppl love to think negative, and negative songs r a big hit, try positive traks, they r there mixed in wid all da crap. its all there jus not in da lime light cause we as humans love negativity, how many positive stories hav u heard on da news??? huuumm makes u think doesnt it. anf y is it films always have happy endings cause we dnt think its possible in reality!

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fair do's, personally garage and r 'nb today are not my thing, and i'd have to disagree with u on the whole music is what u r thing, yeah it is a way for an individual to express themselves but nothing more.

some song's i like just coz of the beat, i can't figure out what thye're saying half the time.

there's lots of music out there that is being ignored because its been sterotyped as 'thug's music' (or something like that)

i mean has anyone here actually tried to listen to System Of A Down's lyrics?? yeah some bands sing about negativity but that's all there is in the their lives, they find it difficult to see any positivity in their lives, it doesn't necessrily mean the ppl who like the music are also negative.

that's the thing with music it's all subject.

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does the kind of music a person listen's too afffect the way u percieve them to be?

i.e usually the way they dress makes an impact on perception as well.

i hope this makes sense, if it doesnt tough, just reply some random answer

Yes that is true. Its true. but not always and not on everyone.

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Music is food for the soul and everybodies tastes vary.

Some ppl like nice bland easy going food others prefer to see exactly how many mirchan they can cram in there dhaal and not regret it the next morning *LOL*

Its also reflection of self in the way ppl convey emotions and feelings through music - personally i'll listen to anything from marylin manson to Seal doing simran - all depending on what sort of mood im in.

Personally i dont believe it can make me do things or be succeptible to doing things that i wouldnt normally do - its just a form of relase

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