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How many traditions and philosphies it takes?


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Hari you said:

You have to remember that the word Hinduism refers to the whole of Indian subcontinent's many religious traditions and philosophies.Many with opposing beliefs and practices.

Can you provide the list of all the traditions and philosophies so we can discuss them one by one?


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I'm no expert.I don't know all the Indian religious traditions.But from what little knowledge I do know, I'll refer you to:

1. Shaivism

2. Vaishnavism

3. Saankhya

4. Nyaya

5. Yoga

6. Mimansa

7. Vedant

8. Brahminism

9. Tantra

10. Siddha tradition

10. "left hand" paths like Aghori, Kapalika, Kala Mukh

I have a reference book, but am too lazy to look through!

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Brother Hari,

I know you hold great knowledge please share with us don't be lazy.:)

Lets make one topic for each part and discuss them in details?

Okay Singh Ji.I'll get to it, just as soon as I get over this headache of mine.

Oooh my head hurts. :bling:

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