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does any one play the dilruba serenghee etc

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i just wanted to know if anyone played the dilruba serenghee sitar etc... i just started learning the dilruba and just wanted to talk about it, these instruments feel different when you listen to this and the vajja does anyone know what the gurus played?

take care

see ya around

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I used to play Tabla and the Drumset (ala Trilok Gurtu and Karsh Kale) and took up Dilruba last month...great instrument and we should definately start a thread within the Music Section, but more importantly:-


Please can we begin a Section entitled "Gurmat Sangeet Maryada" or something to that effect in order to discuss Kirtan Marayda and Raags contained within the three Granths and also discuss and compare merits of famous Sikh based Gharanas such as Amritsar Gharana with others like Lakhnow, Farookabad, Benares etc...

...it is high time we had a forum for serious and aspiring students of Gurmat Sangeet and Raag Vidiya...

Get those Tablas, Mridangs, Pakhawaj, Jal Tarangs, Sitar, Veena, Khanjiras, Taus, Dilrubas, Sarangis, TarShenais out of the closet!!!

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Niranjana, so that's how you picked up on the rim-shot reference....did you ever get into Rashied Ali?

I was reading through a copy of India Today a year or so ago in which it gave a list of some of the hindustani instruments about to go forever, amongst them quite a few from Gurmat Sangeet; taus, dilruba, rabaab, tarsanai, etc

As for gharanas, yes I agree. I would like to know more about the subtlties of our influence upon the Patiala gharana as immortalised by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Kale Khan and the like. I'm hoping to eventually find more information on Mahant Gajja Singh ji, a Nirmala mahant who was an expert gaayaki in khayaal, who took part in prestigious classical concerts and started to compile reetan back when, but left it unfinished. Furthermore, the famous Adhanshahi Sant, Baba Shaam Singh ji, wrote a text on Raag Vidiya, which was until recently in the dera in Amritsar, but has since been stolen. I've seen evidence of the historical emphasis on gurmat sangeet at the Sevapanthi tikana in Patiala. A friend who was a Sevapanthi Sant was very keen to rekindle the practice of raag vidiya among the Sewapanthis. Obviously the Udasi tradition is immortalised in Bhai Avtar Singh ji's style. Brahmboota akhara supposedly was an important centre for gurmat sangeet at the height of it's prestige.

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