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Uriah Heap Sikhs...


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Just that there's nothing wrong with a bit of egotism and selfishness and arrogance. It's a part of the natural human drive to be ambitious and to spread your genes as much as possible. The Will to Power is the motivating force behind ALL human action.

Men especially are hardwired to take risks and push the boundaries. This is how human progress is achieved - by competition and Darwinian natural selection.

The false interpretation of religion that has been adopted by many religionists (especially Sikhs in recent years) has meant that turning oneself into a doormat and eating humble pie has come to be seen as the "Sikh" way of life. Hence exploratory behaviour is instantly pointed out by the mediocre drones of Sikhs as evidence of haumae, and ambition as arrogance.

I see this a lot because I live in the UK, where the Sikhs are mostly 3rd generation British equivalent of guest-workers. Anything to dull the monotony of their existence is welcomed, because they are basically drones (worker bees). Completely unrepresented in Parliament, the armed forces and the police. Absolutely no voice, and no way to influence decision-making. A subjugated people.

Subjugation is'nt offensive in itself. The balance of power always changes hands eventually. The crime, in my opinion, is contentment with one's lot in life and lack of vision or ambition and not hating the conquering force (i.e. having a conquered mind) and being able to sleep at night because self-hypnosis has been mistaken for simran .

Simran is about the awakening - the quickening. Not a soporific.

Hatred as well. Hatred is regarded (wrongly) as a sort of disease, rather than what it is: the revolt of the soul against injustice, and the power behind all [b/] other weapons.

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