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Morining and Night-time Prayers.


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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

ssa everyone. i was just wondering if u have never done any Paath in ur entire life. how should one like myself start doing it.

i have no source nothing avalible to me. is there any night time and morning time short prayers i could say . before goin to bed and after waking up..

N3O ji u sound really smart hehe. perhaps you could help me. :)


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I don't think Neo could help you with this question, man.

If Japji Sahib and Kirtan Sohila are'nt enough for you, you could always try counting SHEEP.

Besides, if you look at my Uriah Heap post, you will see that there is a strong case for the motion that doing any prayer as a sort of surrogate nightcap is wrong-minded.

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This website has streaming Bani to listen to. I was told that 'listening to Paat' / 'reciting it yourself' will give you the same benefit as long as your attention is focused on it.


www.sikhnet.com also has lots of stuff.

you can also download Bani from this website: http://www.sikhstudent.org/

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Lalli Ji,

Grab yourself decent gutka from store ji (English translations) with gurmukhi. Also get yourself damdami takshali gutka.

Listen to japji sahib, jaaap, tav-parasad saaviaye, chuapie sahib and Anand sahib in the morning and sodar rehras in evening and kirtan sohila when you go to sleep... recite these banis as you listen from the gutka. That will increase your ability to prounce gurbani words as well understand them.

Here is the site to download audio nitneem banis:



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vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru je ke fateh!

Bhia N30 singh pretty much summed it up

I really urge u to get a damdami taksal gutka as it always has the full banis

This is the MINIMUM paat given to us by guru je

At sunrise

Jap ji sahib

jap sahib

tva prasad svayie

Choupai sahib( starts with patshahheh dasven, kabiou bach benti chapai

hamree karo hath dai rachaa..., at the end , ends with dhora)

anand sahib

at sunset

reheraas sahib

before sleep

do panj ishnaanan

sit cross legged in front of your pillows, adn recite kirtan sohila( starts with surat mahalla panjvan, gur ka shabad rakhvarae)

In bani it also says that before the sunrise one should do naam simran, i think 2 to 3 hours is good

and nitnem should be done at the start of the day, so its not like before sleep u do nitenem, and say thats amrit vela

But, if youre workin night shift or somin like that, try to do nitem when possible

But amrit vela is very important

oH, AND THAT LINK ON GURSIKHIjeevan.com, the bhia jarnail nitnem one, he reads the full bani, and its very shud. He was given training at damdami taksal metha


vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru je ke fateh!

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