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MOst of us have very long hair which equals


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A LOT OF SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, COMBING, HAIR ON THE FLOOR and etc! which i honestly don't mind cleaning! excpet that my hair get everywhere! lol ok well i was just wondering, since most of us here on this forum have long hair what kind of shampoos and conditioners u use! i don't mean this too be soo stupid question, cuz even as i type im askin myself why the hell im doin this post but then i want to know! cuz juz wanna see whatz best!?!

well i use herbal essences... it's the best (i think) for long, straight hair.. wat do u peepz use! ?! (i have used so many brands and still herbal essences is the best..)


lol and this is truly an off topic post! lol keep on smiling :)

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I use herbal essences...i've used a lot of other shampoos but this one seems to be the best. It makes ur hair all soft and smooth and of course makes it feel great. People r always like ur hair smells really good...lol dont ask me y they smell my hair they jus do..lol :)

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I use to Use herbal Essence But now i use Dove.

i have Curly hair So its really hard to Tame them down.. if u kno what i mean..

LOL@ N3O's Yogurt EWW YUCK..

PS: Amrik$ingh whats wid you and makhan..????


Im taking the mick out of Herbal Essence

Im just reveiling the indian tradionalised version :LOL: :wink:

whats wiv me and makhan? part of my culture innit

have it in my Saag everytime...duh :roll: ( :P )

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Herbal essence is defianatly my fav. too.

But nothing and I mean nothing beats using yoghurt, natural yoghurt not the muller crunch corner crap.. But use natural yoghurt with a little hunny in it, and that just works wonder, then wash it out and apply shampoo else you get a weird smell and cheese growing out of your dastar.

Yoghurt and hunny is also good to use on the face and too eat at least once a day, Trust me nothing beats yoghurt..

And then after its washed while still wet apply AMLA oil (gooseberry) green one with that lady on it. It makes your hair smell nice (i like it) and keeps it healthy and black.

If you wish to add a little aromatherapy, you can light a toof (the incence cone shaped ones in a holder) and just hold your hair over the holder and the smell is held in your hair, it also looks incredible when you see the smoke thingy move around your hair.. Looks wow..

But every time you come your hair after that, lets out a nice smell of whichever toof cone you used. Try it out some time..

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no no ji.. i was sayin whats wid you and Makhan because in one of ur Previous posts in the music Section.

U called me Makhni Sahib. :roll:

So yah Thats why i asked about ur Obsession with Makhan.. It is yummy though :twisted:

ok i'll get rid of that post, since your so sensitive about it :roll: :LOL:

Im not obsessed with makhan i can mention other ingredients that goes into shaabjiyah.....if you like? :LOL:

I called you Makhani Sahib, whats wrong with that :roll: ......You should be flattered by it... :LOL::LOL::LOL:

I'm talking about Makhan......you make it sound like it's a massive sin mentioning it :shock: :LOL:

yes i know its yummy... Lali Kaur, so respect it


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