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Vajrayana/Mahayana introductary reading list

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a Buddhist reading list?...no chance

Today I'll post a very basic introduction to Vajrayana/Mahayana texts (this list drawn only from the Tibetan traditions) - note this is a tiny selection and certainly nowhere near definitive. As usual most of this is now available in various english translations;


Shantideva's guide to the Boddhisatva's way of life

Sadharma Pundarika

The Lotus Sutra

Prajnaparamitra-hridaya Sutra

The shorter Heart Sutra (perfection of wisdom)

Mahaparinirvana Sutra

Vajrayana tantric texts

including Kalachakra Tantra, Hevajra Tantra, etc

She-rab Dong-bu

by Nagarjuna


Diamond Sutra


various writings of the great Gelug-pa founder including;

'Fulfilment of all Hopes'

'Great Exposition of the Secret Mantra'


Important interpretation of the Perfection of Wisdom verses

Among the myriad of minor works among each order;

- Jamgon Kongtrul's 'Nges-don sgron-me' (Torch of Certainty)

- works on Milarepa, Naropa, Tilopa

- huge number of texts on Tibetan medicine and related sciences

Dharmarakshita's 'Wheel of Sharp Weapons'

Of the modern writers, Kalu Rinpoche's writings are very good. Try to avoid Gyatso and New Kadampa writings.

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