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admittedly I'm not too hot on this form of Buddhism. Here are my suggestions, and please add yours.




Gakudo yojin shu

Master Keizan


D.T Suzuki

'Manual of Zen Buddhism', etc

Modern writer, the Idries Shah of the Zen world perhaps. He is criticised for pandering too much to his western audience stylistically. However, still a good place to start.


collected koans of...

Ch'an Master Sheng-yen

Commentary on 'Sutra of Complete Enlightenment'

Master Han-shan

Essentials of Practice and Enlightenment for Beginners

Master Seng Ts'an

'Faith in Mind'

Master Hui-neng

Doctrine of No Mind

Platform Sutra

plus the various writings of;

Nitou Fajung

Shen Hui


Hui Hai

Lin Chi


Hongzi Zhenjue

Han Shan

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