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Sikhsim- Religion- Scepticism

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Dear All,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Many a times I wonder whether contemporary

science and logic widens the Horizons of our

outlook or if it further narrows down the same.

Allow me to recount the following incident, which

may seem like a curious mix of coincedences to

some logical minds (like I used to have) or a

'Divine Sign'

Let me add that even though I used to have a

logical mind ad a habit of taking tales of

legends with a pinch of slat, yet I always

believed in the greatness of our Gurus and our

martyrs over the passage of time. Yet there was

something that always created a shadow of doubt

in my mind over some of the stories I heard. (I

came to know afterwards that Sri Guru Tegh

Bahadur Ji Maharaj writes "that without Bhagti,

one always has doubts.......in a beautiful Shabad

..."Har ke naam Bina Dukh Paavae"...{sung

beautifully by Bhai Ravinder Singh..Hazoori


I had the opportunity of visitng Gurudwara

Damadama sahib in New Delhi (The place where Guru

Gobnd Singh Ji Maharaj) met Bahadur Shah.

As I was coming out, I happened to notice a sign

board mentioning the history of the place..

It was mentioned therin that when Guru Maharaj

met Bahadur Shah, Bahadur Shah told Guru Ji that

he had heard a lot about the bravery of the

Khalsa. He humbly requested that were it possible

for him to see this with his own eyes and whether

one of the Khalsa could actually defeat an


GuruJi smiled and told Bahadur Shah, that such a

feat for a Khalsa soldier is nothing and even a

"Jhota--a male cow" would be enough. He then

blessed the "Jhota" with his arrow (if I remember

correctly from what was written).

History has it that the "Jhota" took on the

elephant and defeated him.

My instantaneous reaction was amazement at the

Guru maharaj's feat, but as I moved away from the

Gurudwara, logic overtook me.

Even though I wanted to believe this story, I

couldnt. The logic in me created "Shankas"..It

said to me again and again..comon now how can a

cow defeat an elephant. Logic told me that the

story must have been different from what happened

and what happened must have been on a

philosphical and logical level.

Well, I came back home and turned on the T.V. My

favourite channels are eithe Punjabi songs

channels, or movie channels like HBO. But for

some reason, at that particular moment, I

switched on to Discovery.

A very interesting documentary was being aired.

the documentary was based on animals of the

Savanna. The documentary was following the life

of a lion herd and the other animals it

encounters during its lifetime.

Now the first scene that I saw as :

1. A spitting Cobra: An elephant was on the

rampage and nothing was standing in its path.

Suddenly it enmcounters a spitting cobra in its

path. Now the spitting cobra is a type of cobra

that stands with its hood flared up and spits

venom at the eyes of its victims. This temporarly

blinds the victim and the cobra then makes short

work of it.

Seeing the elephant rushing towards him, the

cobra stood its ground, flared its hood and spit

its venom.

Lo and behold.....the elephant froze in its

track. It trumpeted and swayed.

But the cobra stood its ground and continued with

the offensive....

The thick hide of the elephant wouldnt have fled

the slightest sensation and he easily could have

crushed the cobar, yet it backed away.....

2. The scene shifts: three lionesses and 2

teenage lions are tracking some african buffaloes


They suddenly spring up and attack. The herd is

taken by surprise and runs helter

skelter......all but one small calf.....who got

separted from his mother.

And thats exactly the lions were looking

for...One of the lionesses takes a leap and

brings the calf down. .....and all seems lost

.......it is impossible to expect the young one

to some out of this alive.....

But there is no end to "His Nature"......the calf

calls out........to the mother.

The mother looks back......sees the calf and

heads straight for the lions......with a ferocity

I have never seen before.

She takes on the first lioness...and butts her

with the horns.

The second one is tossed right into air.....while

the rest of the group head for the low branched

trees of the savanna...

The mother is unstoppable and butts into the


The injured lionesses run for cover.

Now by this time, I was wondering what all this

coincedences meant......what was Guruji trying to

tell me ?

My egoistical logical mind was now at rest ..I

could only conclude that if such ferocity can be

found naturally, then the blessigs of our beloved

Guru Gobind Singh Ji must have instilled

something in that "Jhota" to enable him to defeat

the Elephant.

I could only then recount the marvel that Guru

Gobind Singh Ji conceptualised and

created........Khalsa.....The brave of the

bravest........with saintliness

unmatched........I could only recount Chamkaur, I

could only recount how 40 men took on a force of

40,000. I could only recount Anandpur Sahib, I

could only recount Baba deep singh Ji, I could

only recount Bhai bachittar singh

Ji.............and other martyrs.....

My Lesson: Let not logic overtake you so much

that you start doubting the ability of the Guru.

I would love to hear from people who have

witnessed similar incidents.


H Singh

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