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Nitneem in kirtan......

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I have always wondered this if its right or wrong to listen to nitneem banis for newbie sikhs like me in kirtan... because personally i myself have a problem listening to anything without kirtan... i cant concentrate with just plain nitneem bani but if its sang not recited in kirtan it helps me better to concentrate.

Just wanted to know if i m actually breaking the maryada by doing this? :?

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Yes they are

'Kalyug mai Kirtan Pardana' that might be why Kirtan makes u a bit more fokused ;)

I personally Don't see anything wrong with it, as from ang 1 to ang 1230 whole DHAN DHAN GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI Mahraraj is in Raags...then I dont see why not.. :?

but then agian I'm an ignorant person

bhull chukk maaf :)

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Well then??? Does anyone have any of the Nitnem banis (or say Sukhmani Sahib, Sahbd Hazare, Dukhbhajana Sahib etc) in Raag?

I do mean Raag and in the case of Jaap Sahib and Dasam Bani, does anyone have these recited in accordance with the correct meters (Chhands).

Incidently, and excuse my ignorance here, but what is the difference between Kirtan Sohila, Aarti-Aarta and 'Aarti-Sohila'??? Bhai Gurdas in his Vaars in fact mentions that Sikhs would 'sing' the Sodar and Aarti Sohila...can thoughts? (This would make more sense than say singing Japji Sahib, as these are composed within certain Raags and Meters).

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