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Anti-Sikh Propoganda by Muslims


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Considereing that the Ahmyddias center is in Qadian, Punjab, they have lots of guts in putting up this article:



the Ahmadiyas are considered members of a heretic cult by the vast majority of Pakistani Muslims (who are Sunni). In other words, they are NOT considered Muslims. In particular, because of their failure to accept nabuwwat (finality of Mohammed's (PBUH) Prophethood), which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. There are militant organisations of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan (such as Sipahi Sabha and Lashkar-i-Tayba), whose most important goals are to wipe out and do away with what they see as the Ahmadi heresy and its followers, and also to rid Kashmir of all non-Muslims.

Plus, the Ahmadis' centre is not Qadian (the birthplace of the founder of their religion) in India, but Rabwah in Pakistan, which has a well over 90% Ahmadi population.

On the face of things, Ahmadis may call themselves Muslims but as they do not accept Nabuwwat they are not Muslims.

Therefore, you cannot construe this article as a sort of Muslim conspiracy to pervert or misappropriate Sikhism or Sikh heritage. Real Muslims see the Ahmadis as a far greater threat to their religion than the Sikhs, because the Ahmadis persist in calling themselves Muslims but have very strange ideas about "Qadiani".

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Ahmadiyas are not considered as Muslims by any other Islamic group.

They're more like some-kind of offshoot cult or sect of the original religion, kinda like the Nirankaris/Namdharis are with Sikhism.

Sikhs are in far greater numbers than Ahmadiyas and Qadians so it doesnt make much difference what they believe about Guru Nanak. If they want to view him as a saint of theirs let them...

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You don't know this simple difference. Then who would perceive you a Sikh?

Baani you do not understand after Satguru Nanak Clarified all the misconceptions.

Beard and turban does not make you a Sikh.

I now..I'm not a Sikh of the Guru YET... as a human is nt a Sikh without the rehit ..but not knowing the differences makes me a non-Sikh :? :roll:

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