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Swords! Where?

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Sat Sri Akal and WJKK WJKF

Where can I buy Sikh style swords? The ones are in these goras shops are straight. I am looking for the ones like we see in pictures and in India. The curved ones. Like the ones we see in Khanda in my avatar.

Did a search on Google and found nothing specific. Is there a site anywhere? Where can I buy them in Toronto?

Thanks and WJKK WJKF

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Would'nt you rather have a decoration piece that you know is also useable?

Also, do you really want a chunk of stainless steel on your mantlepiece? Or a leaf-spring from a truck, with cheap and fussy fittings bolted on? Or even a deco piece that has a bolt-on pommel?

Choose and buy the steel very carefully, and then get some good tools. Then you can make one. The nasty ones from India (which according to Mugermach cost about 50 rupees in Amritsar) are an insult to the word "sword". The really good ones are great.

If you are determined not to make one but to buy one, let me tell you I've been trying to do the same, and the only place where there are really excellent examples is eBay.

I still recommend you try to make one, though. My latest piece is very good-looking (better than cheap mass-production ones), and most importantly very strong and sharp, and with an OK balance (does'nt feel too awkward).

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everyone starts off by buying them first, learning how each shaster is fitted together etc and then invest in buying the tools/metals to build ur own shasters

if u wanna buy them i suggest u go to india to hazoor sahib, ull find proper shasters not the dodgy excuses for sri sahibs people carry at their weddings

ebay u will get fleeced on prices, unless ur loaded and impatient, i wudnt bother

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Sat Sri Akal:

Single edged Talwar:




Chakram and Teer:


I believe the smith you might be referring to is Bhai Jot Singh Khalsa Sahib, who was also responsible for crafting the Sword of the Khalsa, presented at the 300th anniversary ofthe creation of the Khalsa. He is from Northeast U.S. in Massachusettes.

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