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Bhai Taru Singh Jee gave his life but not his hair!!

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Bhai Taru Singh Jee gave his life but not his hair!!


* Rahni Rahae Soi Sikh Mera

Only, he is my sikh who leads his life of a Gursikh as per Guru's commandment.

* Oh Sahib Main Os Ka Chera

Only, that Sikh is my master and I am his disciple

* Rehat Bina Nahin Sikh Kahawai

without following Guru's Reht a person cannot be called a sikh.

* rom rom mehi busehi muraar

On each and every hair, the Lord abides

* Gurumuckh rom rom har dhhiaavai

The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body.

* Jub lug khhaalusaa rehae niaaraa

As long as the Khalsa remains distinct

* Thub lug tharj keeo mai saaraa

So long I will give him My Golory

* Jub eih gehai bipurun kee reeth

But if he should adopt the ways of others

*mai n kuro ein kee prutheeth

I put no trust or faith in him then.

From the quotes given above, we can see the extreme importance stressed on Reht. Yet, for the past few years now, it has stated to become common practice for Amritdharee (baptised) Sikh woman/girls to bleach their facial hair-and sometimes their arms too. Some also pluck/remove hair totally. This is extremely saddening and an insult to Guru Sahib Jee. It is a complete contradiction and hypocrisy that on one hand, a sikh woman wears the " Panj Kakaar" (five K's)- professing to be an Amritdharee, but yet she has no respect for her rom (hair). Some girls justify bleaching their hair by saying - " as long as we're not removing our hair it's ok! This is NOT true.

Guru ji laid down the Reht Maryade (Sikh Code of Conduct) for ALL Sikhs - men and women. However, imagine if a respected Singh walked into the Gurdwara one day- with his beard gyed blonde or his white hair dyed black. You may laugh, but if this was the case, the Singh would be condemned straight away. He would obviously have to be " pesh" (i.e confess to the congregation/Sangat or panj Piyare and be punished accordingly) and rebaptised by the Panj Piyare (Five Beloved Onces). Yet, many Amritsharee women walk around un-noticed (so they think!!!!) with bleached/pulcked faces and grey hair dyed black; OR they are notiched-but people are too scared to say anything in fear of getting lots of "back chat", i.e." who are you to tell me what i can/not do?!?".

In sikhi there is no question of equality, as we are all equal (if there are differences, they are due to society's ignorance and not Sikhi- but that's another subject). Woman demand equality, but when it has been given to them, they only pick out the bits they like. If you have chosen to take Amirt and wear the 5 K's- remember, YOU'VE chosen that path by deciding to give your head to Guru Jee, and with it you should keep your promise of adhering to the Reht Maryada. When a Sikh wears the 5 K's, he/she is representing the image of Guru Sahib Jee and not that of what fashion/society dictates.

Hair whether it be on your head/scalp or anywhere else on your body- has the same importance. Please do not be a gypocrite by showing fake outwardly commitment to Guru Jee and society by wearing the 5 K's, yet also bleaching /plucking hair. IT IS AN INSULT TO GURU JEE and an insult to "mahaan" (great) Shaheeds (martyrs - i.e. those who die for their religion) such as Bhai Taru Singh- who chose to die by being scalped alive, rather than have their hair removed/cut and disrespected.

There are some women who have hormonal imbalances- causing excessive facial hair. In this case it is perfectly acceptable to get natural desi/homeopathic treatment (as "western"/allopathic medicine is extermely strong and often leads to adverse side effects). There is nothing wrong with getting treatment for an illness, which may lead to other bodily disfunctions- and hormonal imbalances can definitely be treated/cured.

Yet, there are many Amritdharee woman who DON'T have such problems (everyone has some facial hair - it's natural), and bleach/pluck their hair to "fit in" with society/fasion. These woman whould not have double stadards and be excused, whereas men would be severly punished. Some people say:" Can you imagine the pain these women feel- having to look different to other women by not bleaching/removing facial hair......?" This comment is fair enough to certain extents, but truthfully it is quite degrading as it implies (maybe unintentionally) that women are the weaker sex - unable to cope with their Sikh identity. Nobody every says: "Can you imagine the pain Sikh MEN may feel, facing socirty with their long uncut beards?" To most non-Sikhs, just having a beard quite stange and un-natural. They think it is uncivilised/savagery (and that's to put it mildly!), that is the reason that most non-Sikhs shave- which is natural/clean to them but un-naturalto us. However, this DOES NOT mean that Sikh men to feel comfortable/confident amongst non-Sikhs it is acceptable to trim/shave their beards. There are some Singhs with extremely long beards, who also have to face ' hardships'/stigmas concerning their appearance-so it isn't just WOMEN. Therefore, Sikh mean face just as much- sometimes more, 'unwanted' attention/hardships' than some sikh women.

WhenSikh women take Amrit, they know what is expected of them,- in terms of Reht. I t will be said again- there are not separate sets of rules for each gender, but only one Reht Maryada. There are many things in our 'Panth'/Sikh religion that are disputed, but the fact that Amritsharee Sikhs are not allowed to remove/bleach/dye their hair is accepted by everyone - regardless of Jathebandee. (faction)

In terms of the "pain these women feel......." or "personal hell" is their pain worst than that of the many great Shaheeds (martyrs) of our past?........The Sikh women that watched their children hacked to pieces and put around their necks like garlands. Bhai Manni Singh Jee who was cut limb by limb; the brave Sikh that were bolied alive and sawn in half. We need to get things in perspective. To keep onces hair is no kurbaani (sacrifice), it is an honour.

vahegurooooooooooo :D

bhul chuk maaf jee

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u know - i had this same arguement with a friend a few days back - cos i always take da piss that she plucks her eyebrows so much it looks like there isnt nothin there - she aint amrit dhari - anyways she came accross this site and she said that the singhni on the right hand side (white dastaar) plucks her eyebrows - and i didnt believe that she did.....

n i ended up propa gettin gussae about ti :shock: :shock: :shock: lol.. ummmm... i doubt that there are allot of singhnis who do pluck their eyebrows - but i do believe that some may bleach... which is against sikhi too - cos u aint allowed to dye ur hair or anything.... sooo ummm... :? :? bit dodgy :P

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