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Taken from gursikhijeevan.com.


Amazing Story :D

Bhai Jeeta Singh used to be a Raagi that would accompany Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji. One time in Lahore, there was a Muslim Smagam for Raags. He, being a Raagi himself, was really curious what the muslim Raag smagam would be like. After, listening to some of the program he went up to the organizers and asked for their permission to get some time to do keertan because he knew shabads in Raag. The muslims started laughing at him saying ?you Sikhs haven?t been blessed with Raag, go get out of here and go do what you typically do?and?.listen, we, muslims, are only blessed with Raag.? Bhai Jeeta Singh got so hurt, he went all depressed to Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh and said, ?Ji, today I got really embarassed.? Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh said to him, ?I want you for 40 days to stay in this room, food and clothes will be provided inside, for 40 days don?t leave this room and do 125,000 paats of Raag-Mala. Only after completing, this are you to come out? Bhai Jeeta Singh did so as Baba Ji said, and then when the time came for another smagam, he went again. And again He asked them for time, surprisingly the parbandak decided to give him 2 minutes of their smagam time. He got on stage and after touching some keys in Basant Raag, the Harmonium started to play by itself and continued playing for the rest of the shabad ! He was given only 2 minutes, however the Raag took 4 hours to complete (b/c of the rus of the keertan no one wanted him to stop him and listened in complete amazement and silence). The Muslims started saluting Bhai Jeeta Singh out loud at the smagam, and some came to him and said, that ?God has blessed you people with Raag?

Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Singh said ?You were victorious today on behalf the Sikh Panth, ask for anything you want.? He said, ?I do have one thing I really want, when my end comes, I want it to come while I am doing keertan.? Baba Ji said ?then that?s how it will be?

The day Bhai Jeeta Singh left his body, he was sitting doing keertan in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?s Hazoori. He was doing it so much love, he would lift his arm up affectionately, and while looking towards GuruJi he would recite ?jio bhaavai thio raakh lai? and at that moment Bhai Jeeta Singh left his body.


JapJi Sahib Viakya - Giani Takhur Singh Ji Volume 22 (near the ending)

JapJi Sahib Viakya - Giani Takhur Singh Ji Volume 23 (near the beginning)

So Gurmukho, please forgive me for my crude translation job, I would prefer you hear it in the reference I gave you, it's available on gurmatveechar.com

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great post neo, the translation was perfect :):P

lets not get into the raagmaala debate again....

i advise everyone to listen to the viakhyas by giani takhur singh - there knowledge and the way they explain is so awesome :yo:

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