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For the Love of Waheguru ji.!


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The giani gave an example of how much Waheguru jee(GOD) loves us...


>A mighty tree spread its canopy far and wide, giving shade to all the creatures. Everyday a child used to enter the field, sometimes he would climb the branches, sometimes he would sit by the trunk, sometimes he would fall gently asleep in the shade like a baby in his mother's arms. The tree loved the child, the child loved the tree. Years passed and the child stopped coming to the field. The wise, old tree waited day after day, month after month for his beloved. One day the tree whispered to the wind to find out if the child was unwell. The wind returned and whispered to the tree that the child was well, but he had no desire to come to the field where he grew up. The tree asked the wind to carry a message to the ears of the child day after day, month after month. One day a young man marched into the field and standing tall and proud he raised his arm at the mighty tree and shouted "Can't you leave me alone Old Tree? I'm not a child any more, I don't need your friendship anymore, I need money. You can't give me what I need, so i don't need you."


>The wise old tree loved the youth and said, "But of course I can give you wealth, just pluck all my fruits and sell them in the market." The youth ran to the market with the fruit and made a huge profit, but he never went back to say thankyou. The Wise old tree sent more messages and one day a married man walked into the field holding his child's hand. He said, "O Tree why cant you stop bothering me, I need a house, not your love. You can't give me what I need, so I don't need you"


>The wise, old tree said, "But child, why didn't you tell me you need a house, just chop all of my branches and build your house with it." The married man ran home with all the wood, but he never came back to say thankyou. The wise, old Tree waited patiently and sent messages day after day. One cold winter's day an old man walked into the field with a walking stick and two adult sons. The old man said, "O stupid tree, you still bother me after all these years. I need firewood for my home not your love. My grandchildren are cold and you want me to waste my time in this field with you!"


>The wise, old tree said, "But child, why didn't you just ask me? Ask your sons to chop down my trunk, that should provide you with firewood for many winters." The men walked off dragging the might trunk through the white snow. They never returned to say thankyou.


>At the end of winter, a procession walked by the field. People were crying, the tree asked why and was told that his beloved child had passed away. The Tree said, "O my child has left the world, O people pull up my roots and use them for his funeral pyre."




>WaheGuru Jee(GOD) sacrifices everything for the well being of his creatures. But the ungrateful human takes it all for granted and never appreciates it. :bow:

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