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Guru Aasra orpganage

Super Singhni

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Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

For a few months now, i've been thinking about going to india to do some seva in orphanages. I was wondering if anyone has any information of the different orphanages in punjab, and also if there's any particular formalities which i must undergo in order to do seva.

I am especially interested in Guru Aasra, the orphanage which Bhai Fauja Singh's wife now directs.

Any information would be great. Thank you in advance

Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa , Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

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vaheguru ji ka khalsa

vaheguru ji ki fateh

bhenji good to see people out there still willing to go home to do sewa for the shaheeds families. There are a few orphanages out there like the Saheb ke sewak trust, Mata Sahib Kaur trust in patiala, gur Aasra is run my Bhai Dhami and his singhni not Bhai Sahib Fauja Singhs singhni. U can also visit the Damdami Taksaal and get address of families who have lost loved ones.

one word off warning bhenji, first check the orphanages see if they are doing what there should be and that they are not over flowing with cash. Be cautous as people have had their fingers burnt.


(An Educational and Social Welfare Project)

Saheb Ke Sewak is a registered organisation: It is a non-profit,

non-political, educational and social welfare project.


Many children in Punjab are facing extreme trauma and displacement due

to the conflict in the state. We, along with human rights activists,

worked on a project, which was designed to provide relief to these orphaned children.

There were two main categories of children. Firstly, those who lost

either parents or the parent who sustained the family and were completely

displaced from their community. Secondly, those who lost either parent or the parent who sustained the family but found shelter with relatives. In the second case, the financial position of the relatives was generally extremely poor and they could barely manage their own children let alone the additional displaced child.

The second situation seems optimal for children facing such severe


The child would have greater chance of overcoming his/her trauma by

staying within a family environment. However, in most cases the relatives who wanted to support the child could not do so because of their own financial situation. Given these circumstances it was felt that a means should be found to help such children succeed in life without disturbing their family environment and further their possibilities in life. This scheme also has the added advantage that it avoids costs such as renting accommodation and hiring full-time staff.

In Sept. 1997 as an initial experiment, we identified 22 such children

who were in need of help and provided them basic monthly assistance vary between Rs. 300/- to Rs. 500/- to cover their educational expenses. Encouraged by the progress that we had made, and confident that our work would benefit more children the Saheb Ke Sewak trust was set up as a registered charity in April 1998.


The Saheb Ke Sewak Trust has four main aims:

* Educational Assistance: One of our aims is to provide educational

assistance, which cover costs such as school fees, uniforms,

transportation and stationery. The trust also runs a Sponsorship Scheme enabling interested parties/ organisations/ individual to sponsor a child. The trust is in contact with victim families and has assessed the quantum of assistance required by their children. The money provided by the

sponsor pays for the child's education or vocational training , and in return we send four regular updates in a year informing the sponsor of the progress made by the child.

Saheb Ke Sewak would prefer the role of a facilitator only, and would

encourage the donors to fund the educational requirements of the

children of victim families directly and only as a last resort channelise their resources through Saheb Ke Sewak Trust.

* Vocational Training: Secondly, we would like to arrange vocational

training for those children who are unwilling to pursue their studies

beyond High School.

* Self- Employment Scheme: Some individuals and organisations have

started the practice of paying a nominal amount of Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- to widows and other affected women. Saheb Ke Sewak felt that rather than handing out cash, it would be better for the women to be equipped to face life, and be independent. Self employment schemes like doll making, handicrafts and pickle making etc. Saheb Ke Sewak would like to be in a position to arrange single time grants or loans for women to train them in the employment generation scheme.

* Medical Assistance: Some of the families that we work with have seen

close relatives die in traumatic circumstances, causing them to suffer from psychological problems that continue to this day. These unresolved

psychological problems have eventually lead to physical problems.

Therefore we provide physical and psychiatric treatment for these families.

We are determined that the work of Saheb Ke Sewak will not be

restricted to just these four aims. As a result of our strong community relations, we eventually hope to raise enough resources that will enable us to be of greater help to our community.


The trustees of Saheb Ke Sewak have themselves been victims of violence and are committed to serving other victims. The trustees are:

Chairperson:Parminder Pal Kaur

General Secretary:Jasmeet Kaur

Organising Secretary: Gurmeet Kaur

Treasurer: Jaswinder Kaur

For further information, please contact our General Secretary at:

Jasmeet Kaur # 269, Top Floor, Sector 40-A,Chandigarh 160036.

email: skstrust@rediffmail.com

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vaheguroo jee ka khalsa vaheguroo jee kee fateh

i understand what you're saying veerji, i was just thinkin of goin and doin volunteer work. im not sure i even have any maya to donate... is it even possible to do that tho? just go and hang out, chill, be with gursikh children, and be positive and spread pyaar?

vaheguroo jee ka khalsa vaheguroo jee kee fateh

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vaheguru ji ka khalsa

vaheguru ji ki fateh

bhenji i think thats the best thing we sikhs living abroad can do is to inter mix and spread the pyaar for them, show the children that there are people who care and we not forgotten the shaheedi off the parents.

you can take materials from here toys, education material.

what i will do is chat to some people in the field and get back too u. when are u thinking off going?? just pm me

gur fateh

sukdev singh

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Also if you live in toronto.. please support guru asra org by coming to their one of their charity events:

Charity Dinner @ Ryerson University

The proceeds will be donated to the Gur Aasra Trust

Friday January 30th 2004 - Starts @ 6:30pm


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