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Why Khanda?

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I’ve been thinking about this question for quite some time and many other people have helped me come to some conclusions, but I’d like to see if the Sangat on sikhawareness could come up with any arguments in reply to the following question…

Why did Dasme Paatshah Guru Gobind Singh Maharaaj Ji use a Khanda to prepare the Khande-da-Amrit in 1699?


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I heard dis in Katha.

wen Guru ji made khalsa, He didnt jus want his khalsa to be sants, he wanted dem to be sants and strong warriors. He wanted His sikhs to have bhagti and shakti. wen da sarbloh khanda rubs against tha sarbloh bata it creates som kina energy (i suppose dis is where 'shakti' comez from), this shakti goes into the amrit which is prepared by reciting of da punj baniyaz. so yep dis is all i kno.

hope it makes sense, cuz i gota tendency to say things wrong at times. :oops:

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Let's leave stories about 'energy' outside of this for the moment (this is a very 19th century idea, where anything unseen was always described as 'energy').

I do not profess to know the full answer, however I would like to raise the following explanation I heard from (Nihang) Bhai Balbir Singh Ragi in that Khanda in Sanskrit is known as 'Mohth' (death) and hence the Khalsa Singh in drinking Khande-di-Paul effective stirs up and drinks death instilling inside the Khalsa Singhs fearlesness...

...can anyone verify the Sanskrit translation used by Bhai Balbir Singh?

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