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The 'Sau Saakhee' is very famous book. Also, there are many controversies over it. Some people used this book to prove their own ideas. The ordinary people do not know what is written there in this book or what is the background of this.

All the 'saakhees' given in the 'Sau Saakhee' are about Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth True King.

The motive to start this thread is to try to learn the information about this book and its contents.

What will we do or discuss in this thread?

Well, we can post some 'Saakhees' from the 'Sau Saakhee' in our own words. We can discuss the subjects of these Saakhees. We can discuss the old language used in the 'Sau Saakhee'. Actually, we can discuss any thing about the 'Sau Saakhee'. We can ask questions about 'Sau Saakhee'. We can try to give answers to the questions asked by the members.

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Here is the third saakhee of the 'Sau Saakhee' in my words: -

Once, there was a lot of 'Sangat' to get the view of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Guru Jee appeared there, dressed well, looking handsome, as if the god of mammon himself was sitting there.

Guru Jee said, "Do not let anyone go".

By his order, Guru Jee stopped them. It saddened the 'Sangat'. When three days passed, the 'Sangat' became homesick. There were some Sikhs belonged to the 'Maalva' region. They had a lot of work to do at their homes.

No one of them dared to ask Guru Jee to let them go. So, they planned to flee from the Guru's place.

They got a bamboo-stair and made a bier from it. They put a man, who was alive, on it and pretended as if it was a dead body. The devotional singing was going on in the holy court of Guru Jee. These Sikhs pretended as if they were going to burn the dead body and started to go singing the holy hymns. They were singing the holy line, "Sevak Kee Orhak Nibhahee Preet".

When they reached near Guru Jee, he asked, "Why is there such a noise? Why are these people crying?"

One of the courtiers went to those Sikhs and asked what was the problem. He came back to Guru Jee and said, "O true King! A Sikh has been died".

Guru Jee ordered, "Bring him here".

That false bier was brought near Guru Jee. The tears were running out of the eyes of those Sikhs. After a while, Guru Jee said to the supplicant ('Ardaaseeya'), "The discipleship ('Sikkhee') is far away. Mostly, there is just the 'guise' (Bhekh). Has anyone the faith in Guru's house?"

The supplicant appealed, "O true King! The people are librated by your holy view. They sing the holy hymns of the Guru. All the Sikhs will be librated".

Guru Jee said, "If you want to see, put the bier on the fire secretly".

The supplicant went near the bier and put a log, which was ablaze, under it. The man, who was lying on the bier, felt the heat. He ran away tearing the shroud.

The other Sikhs were stunned to see how some people were trying to deceive Guru Jee. The Sikhs, who organized all this drama felt ashamed.

Guru Jee said, "Brothers! This Sikh went to the heaven, because you were singing the holy hymns. Listen, had you succeed to deceive, you would go to your homes and would say that Guru Jee makes no difference to other people. Your faith in the Guru would be lost".

Guru Jee gave them the permission to go.

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The 12th Saakhee

One day, a Sikh was reciting the 'Oankaar' (a holy composition in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee). He read the line, "Karte kee mit Karta jaanai, 'ke' jaanai Gur soora". (The word 'kai' was wrongly pronounced. He pronounced it as 'ke').

When Guru Jee listened this, he ordered to cane that Sikh. Other Sikhs prayed, "Guru Jee, why did you get this Sikh cane? A person, who recites even a single line of your 'Baanee', he is librated; but this Sikh recited (whole of the composition of) 'Oankaar' and is beaten".

Guru Jee laughed and said, "Brother! He did not 'research' before reading. Call that Sikh".

Guru Jee asked that Sikh what he read. The Sikh again read that line wrongly.

Then, there was the 'Word', "Pronounce this line, as 'Karte kee mit Kartaa jaanai, 'kai' jaanai Gur soora'.

"Brother! The meaning of this line is like this, 'The Creator knows His extent or the warrior Guru knows'. This Sikh mispronounced a vowel, which distorted the meanings like this, 'The Creator knows His extent. What does Guru know?' This is the contrary meaning. Sikh brothers! He, who pronounces the 'Baanee' accurately, will be delighted. One repairs his other things, but does not recite the 'Baanee' correctly".

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I think the following is how the sakhi goes

At Anandpur Sahib, people would flock from all over to get the blessed Darshan of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This Sakhi is about a particular group of people who left their villages and stayed at Anandpur Sahib to be in the company of Guru Ji.

After some time, they began to cry all the time, telling people how much they loved Guru Ji, and how they can't live without him. These people would make quite a scene with their loud crying and wailing.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is all knowing, and he knew these people were putting on a show to look like such sincere devotees, so he ordered his Sikhs not to allow them to leave the gates of Anandpur Sahib, until Guru Ji said so.

After some time, these people began to miss their families, and through this attachement they decided to head back to their villages. The Sikhs stopped them, and said they couldn't go, by Guru Ji's order, and they had to remain there. By now, days turned into weeks, and the attachement to their homes increased and they decided to make a plan to escape. They thought that one of them would lie on a bed, covered with a white cloth, pretending to be dead, and be carried through the city. They would then request Guru Ji to let them go home, to cremate the body, as was tradition.

The next morning, at Amritvela, Guru Ji and his Sikhs were in the Darbar, when they heard people singing songs of mourning in the street. Guru Ji asked some Sikhs to bring them inside. These people came in, carrying the 'dead man', and requested to Guru Ji to let them go to their village for the funeral. Guru Ji said that these person was such a Premi that he should be cremated here and now at Guru Ji's Darbar. Upon hearing this, the 'dead man' jumped out of the bed saying "Wait! wait ! i'm alive!" The whole Sangat saw this, and the men felt ashamed and embarrased at their attempt to trick the Guru. They then got angry, and asked Guru Ji, we now know you are Antarjami (all-knowing), but why did you have to embarrass like this infront of everyone? We can't even show our faces here again!

Guru Ji Said: "if i had let you go to your village, you would have told everyone about how you tricked the Sikh's Guru, and they would have thought that the Sikhs are just like their Guru, and if their Guru can be tricked, just how good can his Sikhs be? Guru Ji said, he didn't want people to think bad of his Sikhs, and for that reason, he exposed them. Guru Ji had so much nimarta, that he didn't care if people talked bad about him, but he couldn't bear to have people talk bad about his Sikhs.

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I also be typing few sakhis out of sau (100) sakhis. I just grabed an book called "Sikhi Predictions" by surinder singh kohli yesterday from Sacha Sauda book store in toronto.

Here is one of sau(100) sakhiyas:


This sakhi contains the following important facts:

1. The prophetic words of the guru about the Sikhs, when five thousands years of kaliyuga would have passed.

2. Coming of Dalip Singh, after goin away of Ganga.

3. The conditions in the punjab, when the english will come.

4. A breif introduction to Mughal kings and the attitude of Aurangzeb towards the Guru And the Sikhs.

5. The developments among the Sikhs in later years.

6. The sikhs at the time of Kalki Incarnation.


Five thousand years of Kaliyuga would have passed

I give here a correct description of those years

I give the knowledge to my Sikhs and make them understand

My Panth (The Sikh Community) will not remain disuinited

O Supplicant! Listen to the good words

The City of Patiala will be conquered first

The contingents of the forgeiners (English)

Will meet the cheif of States

At times my sikhs will be powerful and they will be weak

At times my sikhs will be weak and they will be powerful

Some facts have been told by the religious texts

Some facts I have perceived myself

Upto that time I shall glorify him complety

The Khalsa will be entrapped in the attachment of wife, sons and relatives

He will drive away the cows (the weaklings) and accept bribes

He will use freely the money of daughters and sisters

He will pretend to perfom justice while absorbed in pleasures

He will study the texts of other religions and give up the Guru And "Bani"

He will perfom the Brahminic injuctions and lean on them

He will bring the foreign woman in his home

He will not hesitate to visit prostitutes

He will seek the divines of other relegions and shall remain away from the Guru

And will totally remain the subjugation of women

O Gursikh! Listen, the souls of Sikh Martyrs will move away to the valleys

These sikh Martyrs will be powerful

And the Sikh women will be absorbed in vices

And the wives of kings will leave the Guru's Path

The ganges will remain on the earth till the fifty-ninth year of Kaliyuga

After which I shall exhibit angrily the eight inauspicious things

Taking birth on the land of Sikh Martyrs

He will, undoubtedly, rule upto Calcutta

This thing will become apparent at that time

The Glorious spirtual Light will manifest itself in the world

There will be a Stable Singh alongwith his army

He, Dalip Singh, will move about on arrogant elephant

At first the English will come in Ludhiana

The Glourious ruling sikhs will become weak

There will be great anxiety in all

They will all cry out: "O True Guru! Give us death"

The women will be dishonoured and wealth will be looted

At that time, the khalsa will be in great agony

Among the Khalsa, there will shine like lamp

Dalip Singh, the cheif over all kings

In the beginning, I shall relate the relegious text of predictions

All of which was uttered by sage Vyasa

Akbar took birth and observed celibacy

And he performed his royal duties righteously

Then Jahangir and his son Shah Jahan came

The English came to server at that time

Their glory spread day by day

All the people of the world know this

The the fraudlent ascetic Aurangzeb came

Who server as a disciple to Miran Shah (Ahmad Sarhindi)

When he found the wealth of divinity within himself,

He could not leave his old habit (of cruetly)

In his pride he ruled over the country

And development great enmity towards me

He began to exhibit his power to the divine Khalsa

He wanted to exterminate Hinduism and spread Islam

One day performing worship, he went to Mecca

There he wanted approbation from the Lord

There was a heavenly message during the night

"Powerful over all, but not on the Guru"

Getting up in the morning, the dream came true

He declared: "I shall transform all the Hindus to Islam"

"Transform all into one Islam and let there be none other"

Such was the order that he gave to his Cheif officer

He caused the declaration over the land

He accepted the complaint of performing this miracle

In Pursuaance of it he will continue fighting heavily with me

He did not reflect on the "Doings of Lord-God"

He will show love to all the kings of the hill-states

And he will use his force against me

When by the grace of Guru this religion has been created

I shall destory all in the war

The Muslims will live only without royal glory

They will do all sorts of work without their kingdom

Forty-three years after my passing away

The Singhs will rise from the ashes of the forest

They will use force, kill others and be killed

There will be numberless skulls scattered all around

The mighty Singhs will conquer various cities and towns

They will loot all the villages and towns

When the year 1800 will be completed

I shall take another birth in the fortieth year

At that time the kings of kandhar will come and go

In this way all the country will be devastated

Then the year 1919 will come

There will be a King of third color in the city

Who, using force, will come from the East

The army on foot, of the disciples of Christ

They will counter the Khalsa, who will be disunited among themselves

Because of which all the men and women will suffer dissension

They will abandon their arms and imitate the Brahmins

In this way the year 1933 will come

There will be commotion in my Panth for a hundred years

The people will die and my panth will become irreligious

There such a suitation will be created

That there will be left no Sikh ruler

One of my disciples, a Sikh

Moving about with religious mission

There will be discord in Calcutta

There will be strife in every home

For twelve years no one did know anything,

Dalip Singh was then born

I will then help secretly

And continue to fight for twenty-one years

The English will return within the Singhs

And penetrating among them, the will reconcilate with the subjects

In this way seven and seven will pass

Ten and Seven years will pass

There will be an agreement with the foreigners

Which will be effacted to restore hapiness

The tiger and cow will live together

In this way thousands of years will pass

There will be the son of carpenter in the adobe of Ril Clan

He will be very powerful and rule over the land

The Punjab will have adopted the way of Shudras

He will revive the Panth at that time

The north, south and east of India

And the capital of Delhi, he will rule all

I have said something, but still much is left

And the details of this story are left

When the chieft of Kashmir will greatly distress the people

Then Vishnu will incarnate as son of a Brahmin

Kalki incarnarion of Vishnu will then come

And will spread his light in the temple of Sampbhal

The Kaliyuga will have passed through all affications

And kalki on coming will propagate his religion discipline

Like a Sikh, the disciple of the Guru,

The sarsut Brahmin will be a sage

He had full faith in his Guru and made offering to him

And there ate all the leavings

In years twelve children were born

When he was married

He stood firm on his religion and killed the Mleechas

For two hundred and fifty years his body endured

When the Mleechas will try to seize the wife of Brahmin

Then the child will exhibit his glourious power

This incarnation will be like Parashurama

And exhibiting his glory this incarnation will come to helpd of Brahmin

The incarnation of Vishnu will then perform austerties

And after that his power will increase manifold

In this way I have related this story to my Sikhs

I will maifest myself in the house of Brahmin

Then for forty-two years the martyrs

Will together perform great service to me

I will accept the offerings of Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana

And no one will know anything about the Brahmin Sikh

I have related the secret story of Prediction

He, who will read it or listen to it , will attain release


This sakhi is not a connected whole. It contains several parts and each part gives a separate thought. We will deal with each part separetly.

1. The very first thing that occus to us is the 5000th year of Kaliyuga. In the year 1998 of the Christian era, the 5100-5101 year of kaliyuga falls. This shows that we are still living in the same age, when the sikhs have nearly forgotten the real discipline of the Name of the Lord that was preached by Sikh Gurus. They are gettin far away from the Guru's "Bani'. That is the main reason, why they are suffering and are prey to many moral lapes. They have the lost of power of discrminating intellect and cannot realise what is actually good or bad for the,. The Lust and greed have overpowered them. "Humility" the prominent virtue, is missing in them. They are mostly absorbed in the luxuries of the modern-age. They have become pleasure-seekers. The distinct qualities of the Khalsa have lef them, therefore they have lost the glory and brightness of ideal Sikhs. They "woman" has become the ruler of the age. The Ideal Sikh Discipline has been forgotten.

2. The purity of Ganges (Ganga) is no more there. Its water are said to be polluted. It has been clearly said in the sakhi that Ganga as symbol of purity will remain only on the earth upto the year 5059 of the Kaliyuga era. This year corresponds to the year 1957 of the Chrisian Era. Since this symbol of purity will gone by this time and the Khalsa and the world will fall below the desired standard, the great will be highly displeased. His words in this sakhi are as follows:

Ganga rahegi bars unahath,

Tabh haun kup dikhlaaon aath.

(The Ganges will remain on the earth till the fifty-ninth year of the Kaliyuga era and then I shall exhibit to the Khalsa and the world eight symbols of disaster)

The Hindu astrogolgers announced that for the first time in four centuries, eight planers were due to line up in a spectacular planetary conjuction as they entered the house of Capricorn. This was to happen on Feb 2 , 1962 between 12.05-12.15 pm. Indian astrogologesr regarded this as terrible portent.

3. There is mention of very powerful Sikh Martyrs. Once the Sikhs asked guru gobind singh: "O True King! Who may be called martyrs? Kindly tell us their nature of work." The Guru smiled and said: "You have put a question on a congidential matter, O Sikhs! The Guru Keeps his people in his presence. He protects his disciples. The present is the dreadful Irons Aage. The Guru is like a shepherd who cautiouns and scares away his followers. The Guru goads his Sikhs according to his will. If the Sikh has full faith, he is a hero of the field and crosses the world-ocean. The cowards are fettered in transmigration. The Guru shall wait alongwith his people. Whatever the martyrs desire, is fulfilled. God has placed many of them in responisble positions.... They wander in all the "Dvipas" and "Khandas". but are never led astray. They see the sport of Maya, but are not subject to transmigration. The Guru is there to protect them. He protects them like a shepherd" Once another sikh questioned the Guru: "The Sikhs are very small in number and the enemies are having big armies. What will be the the position of the Khalsa then? "The guru asked the sikh to close his eyes and Lo, there was a marvel for him. He saw millions of akalis (Martyrs). In this sakhi there is mention of these powerful sikh martyrs and Dalip Singh take his birth in punjab, the land of Sikh Martyrs. These martyrs also do not feel pleased the degenerated Khalsa, therefore they may move away from them.

4. At one time, the Sau sakhi was called "Dalip Singh wali Sakhi" and when it was presented to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and he came to know the predictions about Dalip Singh , he is said to have named his eight-son Dalip Singh and even got made some interpolations in it. This sakhi points out towards "Dalip Singh" as our future king. His name will also occur in several other sakhis, which follow.

5. There is a breif account of the Mughal Kings. Akhbar was a very pious sovergein, that is historical fact. The came jahangir and after him Shahjahan. The English came in the time of Shahjahan and obtained premission to build their houses and start their business. Then came Aurangzeb, whose correct character-potral has been given. H e was in fact, a fraudlent ascetic. Because of his connection with Miran Shah (Ahmad Sarhindi), the cheif saint of Naqshbandi order, he formulated his plan of Islamising India and his continunation of fighting against the Guru.

6. The historocial development of the Khalsa is predicted with the mention of years in the Vikrami era. The Guru passed away in samvat 1765. Forty three years after his passing way ie in 1808, he first holocaust (Chhota Ghalughara) against the sikhs had occured later on in 1818. Before the first holocaust and some time after it Yahya Khan and Mir Mannu had inflicted great indiginity and torture upon the Sikhs. Ahmad Shah Durrani and his son Taimur Shah, the rulers of Kabul and Kandahar attacked several times and thus the country was laid waste to great extent. Then there is mention of the year Samvat 1919. The english had annexed punjab in Samvat 1906 and by 1919 they had established themselves because of the discord amongst the Sikhs and loss of their authority there was a great degeneration. They had been deprived of their arms and because of their subjugation, there was a state of despondancy prevalent among them. In samvat 1933, a lot of religous consciousness awakened them. This was the period of Singh Sabha Movement. The first Sikh Sabha came into being at Amritsar in samvat 1930 and it was followed by another Singh Sabha at Lahore in samvat 1935. For one hundred years since 1933, the sikhs will be in the doldrums, because uptil samavat 2033, they could only acheive a lame homeland (Punjabi Suba) much below their aspirations. The Punjabi Speaking state had come into being in samvat 2023. Twelve years after 2033, ie in samvat 2045, Dalip Singh is said to take birth and twenty-one years after 2045, ie in samvat 2053, some marvel is expected to happen

7. After the above description there seems to be interpolations by some clever persons. It is beleived that a Brahman named Mathura Das did all that in order to protect Brahminism from any harm from the awakening among the Sikhs. According to him vishnu will incarnated as the son of Brahmin. Even the Guru is said to take birth in the house of Brahmin. Some the verses seems to have written to please the English. There is a very breif mention of the son of a carpenter of the Ril Clan, who will be very powerful and will rule over the punjab and others part of India. The namdhari sikhs consider it referring to baba ram singh ji, who had the disappearnced from this exile in Rangoon (Burma) in 1885 and is said to re-appear again.

Please note: I ll be updating this thread with more sakhis from the book sikhi predicitons by surinder singh kohli" . Please be Pateince :D

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Amardeep Singh Jee wrote: -

I think the following is how the sakhi goes

I wrote the Saakhee as it is given in the 'Sau Saakhee'. The same saakhee is found in 'Parcheeyaan Sewa Daas' and 'Gur Bilaas Paatshaahee 10' also. The different writers narrate a saakhee differently.

For example, 'Gur Bilaas' says that the Sikhs, who tried to flee, belonged to 'Peshaawar', a city now in Pakistan. According to 'Sau Saakhee', those Sikhs belonged to the 'Maalwa' region. The 'Gur Bilaas' says that those Sikhs were in touch with the enemy, but the 'Sau Saakhe' does not tell anything about this. The 'Gur Bilaas' says that the Sikh, who was lying on the bier, was an old man, but the 'Sau Saakhee' does not tell whether he was an old man or not.

The 'Sau Saakhee' does not give the reason why Guru Jee stopped them. The 'Parcheeyaan Sewa Daas' says that Guru Jee asked them to stop, because the next morning there was a festival and Guru Jee wanted them to see the festival. The 'Gur Bilaas' informs that it happened during the battle of Sri Anandpur Sahib.

So, every writer describes a story differently. The saakhee in this thread has been described here as it is given in the 'Sau Saakhee'.

I, personally, think that the description by 'Parcheeyaan Sewa Daas' is more impressive. I will give its version of the saakhee, when we will have a discussion about the 'Parcheeyaan Sewa Daas' in a different thread.

Can you please tell us what is the source of the saakhee as you described? We can learn more to compare all the saakhees to one another.



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The 29th saakhee of 'Sau Saakhee'

Once, a Sikh made a request before the Guru Jee, "O true King! I am grieved by the world. Eliminate the pain of birth and death. Save me from sins. I am in your protection. I am illiterate".

Guru Jee said, "Brother Sikh! You are blessed that you became detached (from the world). An idiot cannot get sense without education. One should get education. An uneducated cannot understand anything. The God meets him, whose (pronunciation of) 'Baanee' is perfect. Brother! Do study.

Guru Jee asked the 'Granthee' to teach that Sikh with love. The 'Granthee' started to teach him. While teaching, he taught him this line of 'Anand Jee', "Anand bhya meree maaye, Satguroo main paaya." (The heavenly pleasure occurred, o my mother, for I have found my True Guru).

The Sikh recited this line with love and went reciting it. Sometimes, he would eat from 'langar' (the community kitchen). His faith increased reciting this line.

After six months, Guru Jee asked the 'Granthee', "Did he learn?"

He replied, "He did not return after learning one line."

Guru Jee called for that Sikh and asked, "You were sent to learn."

He replied with folded hands, "Guru Jee! One line is enough. When the True Guru has been found, 'Anand' is gotten. (Without getting the 'Anand') more reciting is the act of 'Bemukhs'."

Guru Jee laughed and said, "You are 'nihaal' (delighted). Your cycle of birth and death has been chopped off."

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The 30th Saakhee from 'Sau Saakhee'

Once, there was discussion about the God. Guru Ji asked, "Brothers! Who was the king during Kabir's life-time?"

Then, some old persons said, "Humaanyoo".

Someone said, "Pithora".

One said, "Sikandar".

One said, "Madan Paal was the king".

There was a big noise for a long time. Guru ji continued to listen them.

We cannot reach them; the God's men are high. The castes, 'varnas' and kingdoms, all remain lower.

They all became silent. The Sikhs asked, "O True King! Why did you ask? Please tell yourself".

Guru ji said, "This is the glory of 'Name'. Kabeer was a poor weaver. Everyone knows him. And the king was the owner of millions wealths and kingdom of the world, no one knows him (now). See the glory of the 'Name'. There were thousands of Pandits, Shah, astrologers, kings, but are unknown (now). By the grace of 'Name', Kabeer is called the knowledgeable and 'Sidh' (perfect). O Sikhs! The 'Name' is great. It was 'Sikandar Shah' (who was the king during the lifetime of Kabeer). He conquered the India. He bowed (before Kabeer Ji) after seeing the miracle by Kabeer. O Sikhs! He, who repeats the 'Name', is the Sikh of Guru. Repeat the 'Name' and do the 'seva' (service) with hands."

Thus, the thirtieth Saakhee completed. Say brother! Waheguru. 30.

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The Hindu astrogolgers announced that for the first time in four centuries, eight planers were due to line up in a spectacular planetary conjuction as they entered the house of Capricorn. This was to happen on Feb 2 , 1962 between 12.05-12.15 pm. Indian astrogologesr regarded this as terrible portent.

I made the 'Janam-Kundli' of this date, but could not understand what is 'terrible' in that. Any one please help?

Here is the description: -

Name: India

Place: Delhi

Date: February 2, 1962.

Day: Friday

Time: 12:10 PM (Isht-kaal 13:45:51 Ghatis)

Latitude: 028:39 North

Longitude: 077:13 East

Standard Longitude: 074:39 East

Sun Rise (Local): 06:49:56

Sun Set (Local): 17:33:20

Sun Rise (Standard): 06:39:40

Sun Set (Standard): 17:23:04

Tithi: Dwadshi

Paksh: Krishna

Vikram Samvat: 2018-2019

Yog: Harsna

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Lagna: Taurus

Lagna Lord: Venus

Rashi: Sagittarius

Rashi Lord: Jupiter

Nakshtra/charan: Moola/4

Nakshtra Lord: Ketu

Balance of Vimshotri Dasha: Ketu 0 years, 4 months, 24 days.

Varna: Kshtriya

Hansak: Agni

Nirayan Planetary Longitudes

Asc. Taurus 07:34:05

Sun Capricorn 19:39:08

Moon Sagittarius 12:34:32

Mars Capricorn 06:57:16 Dir.

Mercury Capricorn 26:35:08 Ret.

Jupiter Capricorn 24:40:50 Dir.

Venus Capricorn 21:04:02 Dir.

Saturn Capricorn 10:08:39 Dir.

Rahu Cancer 24:36:22 Ret.

Ketu Capricorn 24:36:22 Ret.

Uranus Leo 05:45:55 Ret.

Neptune Libra 20:06:42 Dir.

Pluto Leo 16:08:02 Ret.

Kundli Chart

House Rashi Planets

Asc. 02 --

Second 03 --

Third 04 Rahu

Fourth 05 --

Fifth 06 --

Sixth 07 --

Seventh 08 --

Eighth 09 Moon

Ninth 10 Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars,

Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu.

Tenth 11 --

Eleventh 12 --

Twelfth 01 --

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The 16th 'Saakhee' of the 'Sau Saakhee'

Once, wearing the white dress, Guru Jee was sitting. A Sikh was daubing a wall. Guru Jee's dress was spattered.

Guru Jee ordered, "Give him a slap".

Listening this, all the 'Sangat' rushed (to slap). (All of the 'Sangat') slapped him. That Sikh fell unconscious.

Guru Jee said, "Sikh-Sangat is obedient. He was a Sikh. You slapped him on his 'Kes' (hair). It is bad. This is the 'dress' of the Guru. You committed a big sin. If you say that Guru Jee ordered to slap him, then Guru ordered to give him one slap. One person could have slapped him".

(Guru Jee said,) "He is a Sikh. It happened by the will of the God. So, give your daughter to this Sikh (marry your daughter to this Sikh).

All the 'Sangat' was silent.

Guru Jee said, "If one obeys all the orders of the Guru, then one could be a Sikh. Brother! 'Sikhi' is far away. You call yourselves the Sikhs. You are dressed like Sikhs".

Then, A Sikh from 'Kandhaar', Ajab Singh, brought his daughter in the holy presence of Guru Jee.

Guru Jee said, "Nihaal, your 'Sikhi' is protected by the Guru".

The Sikh (who was daubing the wall) said, "This daughter of the Sikh is my sister".

That girl said, "Word of the Guru. Father has given me. (So), I will live in the holy presence of the Guru".

Guru Jee said, "During the rule of King 'Balbhchand', there were 'Kanya' and 'Kanaint'. During the rule of the King, the people would not give (marry) the daughter without getting the price (for their daughter). (Because the people had very) little money. Balbhsain asked to take only the girls (brides). The children born to them ('Kanya' and 'Kanaint') were called 'Kanait'. The new tradition was started".

(Guru Jee said to the Sikh, who was daubing the wall,) "Brother Kahan Singh! Take the daughter of this Sikh. You will get five sons".

Then, (that) 'Malvayee' (belonged to the 'Malwa' region) Sikh took that girl to his house after 'Anand' (the Sikh marriage ceremony).

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The 32nd Saakhee of the 'Sau Saakhee'

Once, the Turks (Muslims) caught a Sikh and took him away with them. They circumcised ('sunnat') him, made him read 'Kalma' (a Muslim prayer). They did what their 'sharaah' (Muslim religious rules) says. They removed his hair. But, his mind was not moved. He started to recite 'Guru Guru'.

They made him eat the food and then freed him. At the time of 'Rahraas' (the Sikh evening-prayer), the Sikh bowed his head in the holy presence of Guru Jee and said, "O King! I am a Sikh. I fell unconscious in the battle. The Turks (Muslims) took me away with them and did what their 'Sharaah' say. Now, what should I do? Protect my 'Dharma' of the 'Sikhi'. Otherwise, I will burn myself on a pyre".

"How did they do their 'Sharaah'", Guru Jee asked.

The Sikh said, "they did my 'sunnat' (circumcised), compelled me to eat the food and cut my hair".

Guru Jee said, "Did you enjoy the company of Muslim woman?"

Sikh said, "No, I was saved by you".

Guru Jee said, "Distribute the 'Karhaah Prashaad' to the Sikhs. You are a pure Sikh. Guru has saved you".

The Hazoori Sikhs asked, "O King! How can one be a Muslim?"

Guru Jee said, "Enemies do the 'Sharaah' by force. No one becomes a Muslim by doing so. O Sikhs! When one does the adultery, (his/her) mind mixes up, only then one becomes a Muslim. The mind is the reason. Forcefully, the belief cannot be destroyed. My Sikh, who enjoys the sexual relations with a Muslim woman, is not my Sikh. If someone repents after having sexual relations with other's woman, he can be forgiven; but he, who has sexual relation with a Muslim woman, will never be forgiven".

The Sikhs said, "The Muslims copulate with Hindu women. If Sikhs get revenge, it is good".

Guru Jee said, "Sikh-brothers! We have to take this 'Panth' to the high position, not to lower position. We have not to imitate the wicked.

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The Sikh (who was daubing the wall) said, "This daughter of the Sikh is my sister".

That girl said, "Word of the Guru. Father has given me. (So), I will live in the holy presence of the Guru".

Guru Jee said, "During the rule of King 'Balbhchand', there were 'Kanya' and 'Kanaint'. During the rule of the King, the people would not give (marry) the daughter without getting the price (for their daughter). (Because the people had very) little money. Balbhsain asked to take only the girls (brides). The children born to them ('Kanya' and 'Kanaint') were called 'Kanait'. The new tradition was started".

(Guru Jee said to the Sikh, who was daubing the wall,) "Brother Kahan Singh! Take the daughter of this Sikh. You will get five sons".

Then, (that) 'Malvayee' (belonged to the 'Malwa' region) Sikh took that girl to his house after 'Anand' (the Sikh marriage ceremony).

A little confusing... The Sikh (doubing the wall) initially said that the girl was his sister... so why did Guru Ji asked him to marry his sister ?

Why is there only mention of Five Sons ? Why not Five Girls or Five Children... ?


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The Sikh (doubing the wall) initially said that the girl was his sister... so why did Guru Ji asked him to marry his sister ?

Actually, Guru Jee ordered the sangat to give that Sikh a daughter. The Sikh reacted later. As a Sikh, he was supposed to do what Guru Jee ordered.

When he said that she was his sister, the girl decided to live in Guru's house. Now, Guru Jee was his father too. A father has to think many things for his children. The Sikh's decision was just a childish act. Guru knows what is good for his Sikh. Thus, he asked to marry that girl.

Why is there only mention of Five Sons ? Why not Five Girls or Five Children... ?

Guru knows. Perhaps, he told what was written by the God. Perhaps, the God wrote that he would be the father of five sons. Guru Gobind Singh himself was the father of four sons, not of four daughters. It was what the God wanted.

We should try to read other Sikh books to compare these saakhees. Then, we can realise how our history has been changed, and is still being changed.


-Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'

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The 13th Saakhee of the 'Sau Saakhee'

(This is one of the controversial Saakhees in the 'Sau Saakhee').

The 'Sangat' of the Guru asked, "O true King! Tell the secret of the 'Paahul'.

Guru Jee said, "Brother! First is the 'Jantra', second is the 'Mantra', and third is the 'Tantra'. The 'Mantra' is 'Satnaam'; the 'Jantra' is the spellings of 'Waheguru'. The 'Tantra' is 'water, sweet and iron-weapon'. The water was given by 'Varun', the god of water. The sweet was given by 'Indra', the king of the gods. The iron was given by 'Yam', the god of death. The 'Charan-paahul' caused the love for 'sewa' (service). Guru Jee wanted to fight the battle, so he gave the 'Paahul' of 'Khanda' (double-edged sword). Meditation on goddess, 'sawwaye 10'. The 'Anand' (a holy composition) is for peace. The 'Jap' (a holy composition in Guru Granth Sahib) is for salvation. The four things will be got by the 'Paahul'."

"Listen O Sikh-brothers! My own mother too asked".

Sikhs asked, "Guru Jee! The power of the goddess or the power of the Guru?"

Guru Jee said, "It is not good to tell the 'secret', but if a devotee Sikh asks, then it should be told. Listen O Sikh-sangat! There is the union in Guru's house. Do not doubt even by mistake. The Guru incarnated himself at that time to do penance. In the jungles of 'Vindhiyaachal' (name of a mountain). In that 'Manvantra' (a time period), the 'Uma' (other name of goddess 'Durga') did penance there, on 'Vindhiyaachal'. On a suggestion of 'Brahma' (a god), the gods took her after praising. The unconquerable demons took the kingdom of the three worlds. Fighting for the years, the goddess was tired. She tried to kill 'Raktbeej' (name of a demon), but demons were increasing by his blood. The saints counted them as hundred zeros after nine. So many demons born from the blood were killed. There was flood with that blood. The creation was stunned. The goddess's men ran away, some gave the battle. Then the goddess disappeared, turned herself into a statue and started to penance at 'Vindhiyaachal'. The demons were angry".

"Going near ascetic, the demons said, "Who did take the woman (goddess)?"

"The ascetic said, "Do not prattle. The power (goddess) is always perfect"."

"The insane demons went to kill the ascetic 'Samund'. He thought, 'It is not my 'dharma' to fight. We are the God-dependent Brahmans. There was the skin of lion. He produced a proud man, who fought for 10, 05, 000 years. Then, the goddess stood up and killed demons".

"She said to that man, "O penance of the ascetic! You helped me. I too will come for one time, when you call me. Ask for boon. I am pleased. You will get the same body. You are named as 'Dusht Daman'. This 'Sangat' is given to you. Follow my form"."

"The Man said, "Name is 'Singh', untied hair, body without the thread ('Janeyoo'), splendor of weapon and power. The salvation should be given and the demon-battles"."

"The goddess said, "It will be the first portion of the fourth 'Yug' ('Kalyug'), then name will be 'Rudra Shankar'. There will be 'Bishan Bhaanaj'. Then I too will come when you call me. Do not love family"."

"Then, she started to dance. She was pleased. She gave a bangle, a 'Praanda', a 'Kard' (sword)".

"She said, "By the 'Khaal' (skin of lion), (so it will be called) 'Khaalsa'. The splendor is the forepart, after that repentance, madness for things/objects; I will give these to your 'Panth', the pain of the body. Saying this, she went".

"That man came to his father. The ascetic said, "Son! I will become (remain) your father. I will not see your battles. You got the boon from the goddess, protect me. Go and do penance on the bank of 'Godavari' (a river in India). You are born from me like a 'Gobh' (sprout/shoot of a plant); I named you as 'Gobind'. The title of 'Singh' is given by the goddess".

"The man went. He started doing penance on the bank of the river. He got the contemplation. The 'Kalaa' was produced from inside like a dream. Lucky mother, Teg Bahaadar (was) that ascetic, who was absorbed in deep penance. Mother father were there. He was just a child, when mother and father went to heaven leaving their bodies. I am that man, 'Dusht Daman'. The people of the ascetic became the 'Khaalsa sangat'. The boon was the power of the goddess; the penance was the power of the Guru".

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Gur Fateh!

I have heard this sakhee before too, the first time from my Grandmother when I was younger. I do feel it merits further investigation and indeed will shed light on a number of matters currently plaguing modern Sikh Institutions and relating to Khande-di-Paul and the compositions of Guru Gobind Singh.

So I have a few questions and welcome all discussion on these:-

According to the Sakhee, the Pahul encompasses Jantr, Mantr and Tantr in the form of the Gurmantr, Satnaam and its ingredients. Although many will suggest that it is against the Rehit Maryada to be invoking these three attributes (Jantr, Tantr and Mantr), I feel the forum is already aware of the issue underlying the Rehit Maryada debate so shall not venture to it here, however we simply refer members to Jaap Sahib (Namo Mantr Mantrang, Namo Jantr Jantrang, Namo Ist Istey, Namo Tantr Tantrang) and allow them to come to their own conclusions to what these terms mean within a Sikh setting.

What I would like to ask about these three essentially occult attributes is how the forms they take according to the Sakhee actually function. Taking each in turn;-


Amritpal Singh Jee has translated this as being the spelling of the Gurmantr, Vaheguroo –please could we expand on this? Is this an indication for visualisation of the Gurmantr or otherwise?


This is indicated to be Satnaam, a commonly expounded mantr in 3HO circles, known for their modern pseudo tantrism, however within the majority of Sikh circles is usually recited alongside the Mool Mantr or the Beej Mantr (Ek Ongkar –not satnaam as Yogi Bhajan preaches it to be!). What interests me here is that Satnaam is not recited as a singular mantr in the preparation of the Pahul today, and although accounts of its preparation do vary, I am not aware of one which explicitly indicates for the recitation of ‘Satnaam’, so how does this become the mantr in this instance? Is it perhaps not referring to Satnaam as a mantr, but rather ‘the’ satnaam (i.e. Shabd or Gurmantr –in which how does the Jantr aspect work).


This is the most interesting, particularly considering the 3 related components and the analogies made with the respective devtas. The Iron Weapon (Sarabloh) is most intriguing (particularly when I refer back to my earlier posts on this matter and the use of Iron and Kali worship), the ties with Yam, clearly indicate, as (Nihang) Ragi Bhai Balbir Singh once mentioned in a Katha, that in drinking the Pahul, a Singh effectively stirs up and drinks death (mauth –supposedly Sanskrit for Khanda? Please verify).

Having 3 components, from a numerological aspect would indicate form (3 being the number creating the basic of forms –the triangle), found in many religious and spiritual traditions (trinities in Juedo Christian and Indian cultures; Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva, Treh Mudra etc), which would make sense here given that the Pahul really gave form to the Khalsa (through Bana and Saroop).

Similarly the association with the devtas Indra and Varun, just like Yam appear to point to mastery over this aspects (i.e. raj/kingdom, strength/flexibility and death), although this is another area I would like to expand upon and discuss with the forum.

Finally, in the translation by Amritpal Singh Jee, it is mentioned that four things are obtained from Khande-di-Pahul;-

-meditation on the Goddess (Chandi), hence Power/Shakti (from the Savaye, presumably Tav Parshad Savaye? Or Urgandanti?)

-peace from Anand Sahib

-salvation from Jap Ji Sahib

-?????? (the desire for battle???) Please could you clarify exactly what the four things are so we may invetsigate these further.

Finally, I appreciate that to really get into this topic, we will first need to address what Jantr, Mantr and Tantr relate to...please do provide feedback on any of the foregoing!


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this post getting intresteting,

All I have to say is.. I told you SO...


a yantr or jantr is a word which has a ethereal significance. be it from its derived numerical value in numerology or the letters used to create the word. It invokes ethereal powers in a way you could say spiritual powers as ethereal is the spirit world after all.


I like where your going Niranjana, I personally think that here Satnam is refering to the 'satnaam'.. whatever naam that may be but the one which is true to you. and your relationship with akaal.


3.. is a magic number... :P

seriously in numerology there is no number as important as 3

but come on.. JANTR MANTR TANTR DUSHT DAMAN .. its all AGHOR..

Gur BR Akaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

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