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Gurinder Kaur

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I am a Princess, I wear a Crown

Don't let my Keshes go tumbling down

Instead I keep them tightly wound

Inside, beneath, my Keski, bound

I am a Princess, I let it show

I want everyone to know

I am a daughter of a King, and so

I let 'each' one of my Keshes grow

I am a Princess, I live in His Grace

Fresh and clean without a 'common' trace

I don't 'make-up', cut, bleach, or paste

I'm not a phoney, I have an 'honest face'

I am a Princess, as royalty, I wear Bana

With my breath do Simran, read Banee, learn Kathaa

My hands help with Langar, do shoe Seva

My heart's home is in my Father's Castle, His Gurdwara

I am a Princess, I keep Panj Kakaar

Precious gifts from Five Beloved Sevadaar

Weapons to help me fight 5 enemies, win the 'world' war

I am a Warrior Princess, my name is Kaur

Vaheguroooooooooooooooooo :D:o:)

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another one i found.... one for the kaurs :D:D i love the last line


Bold and beautiful, wild and strong.

Is a Sikh stallion, who believes in God.

Her name is Kaur; she’s like a lioness that roars.

In the wilderness of Kalyug she will destroy evil in all, by repeating the

name of the lord!

Vaheguru, Vaheguru in the name on her tongue.

She is only absorbed in Bhagti Pung!

Guru is now all she need.

He ego is washed away with all her good deeds.

By the guru she will find salvation.

As she approaches Sachkhand the doors will open

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VaheguroooooooooooI am glad U like it!! :wink:

check this out:-

Be the Best, A Kaur Princess!

A Brave Lioness with Pure Sucess!

* www.sikhsisterhood.com

* www.khalsapride.com

* www.allaboursikhs.com/women/women.htm

* www. sikhwomen.com

vahegurooooooooooooo :D:):D

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