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what do u think about people marryin into different cast. im a jatt girl and im going out with a cheeeeeer, my parents want me to marry into the same caste(jatt). what would you do in my position. i dont know what to do, an its realy stressin me out, cuz, if it says in sikhi, dat caste dont matter, den why does it matter when it cums down 2 marrige.

pleeeez help


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Do what you think is right

Don't worry your not the only one with the same problem :LOL:

This is including me aswell...

4real.......you can't be jatt and a sikh.......you have to choose between the two you can't be both otherwise it contradicts.....:LOL:

I don't know what parent's problems are.........why can't they see a khanda in every Sikhs heart.....instead they break people into caste's when it geos against the Guru's teachings

I know...its a biggggggggggggggggg problem

But personally I wouldn't object to my dad or mom..........because they only want what's best for there kids, what they've learnt from there experiences etc...

like steel said in one of his posts......later on when da oldies past away hopefully all the sikhs will forget about da caste business :LOL: ...........

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I think 4real, caste is created by punjabi culture rather than sikh culture which is two completely different things.

If you look at the topic url i gave you.. you will see lot of replies that help you in this suitation... :D

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