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Graphics Card


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Can anyone suggest a good graphics card? Nothing too expensive, but should have some power.

I broke my old one. Just goes to show - never give a Jat a screwdriver. :D

Anyways, I did a search on Google. Is the "Asus - V9560 Video Suite" any good? Its around £100 - £130.

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Its not called G-Force4FX 5200 its called G-ForceFX 5200.

3dfx was da baddist graphics company in da past, wen i saw 3DFX Voodoo2 i said whaooo, look how Quake has changed wid a 3DFX card!! PowerVR also a Graphics company which was after 3DFX's Pug (Crown). Even da name Voodoo gave me chills.

3DFX Voodoo 4 and 5 came out da boards were too expansive dats why ppl thought bout getting Nvidia den and dey were a lil faster but only a lil.

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Does anyone know a good place on the internet to get a graphics card?

Also, there's a trade fair in Birmingham - anyone got any details abt it? I heard it was at the NIA, but thats the only info I have.

Damn, I need a new hard drive as well - suggestions anyone?


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komplett.co.uk are really good- next day delivery and the packaging is great

and they are very cheap compared to high street prices, i would advise a maxtor or western digital hard drive :)

i have a friend who is a regular to the computer fair, its by the NEC, ill get u the details by 2night

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No idea. Maybe something to do with a T.V card, or maybe even a S-video connection on the back of newer graphics cards....which reminds me, I bought a graphics card :D

Its an MSI FX-5600 series with 256MB of DDR RAM. Got it for £93 - is that good?

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