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DownloadKirtan by Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji(Jawaddi kalan Wale)


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History behind the round dastaar and the change from "Sant" to "Bhai"

To start with Bhai Sahib used to wear an Indian style pugg before 1986 just like he has started to again now.

But when Bhai Sahib went to the dera he changed his pug style as the dera he went to was Behangum (egor less) and everyone wore round dastaars, so it wasnt because he was named "sant" that he started to wear the round style dastaar.

As Bhai Sahib travelled the world, the sangat became quite fond of Bhai Sahibs roop, but what made the sangat fond of his "sant look" made Bhai Sahib emotionally depressed, as people where ever he would go, would touch his feet, some even would do his arti, some would call him "Baba Ji" Bhai Sahib felt that the sangat were putting man before Guru Ji.

So it was just before Vaisakhi 2003, where Bhai Sahib decided that he didnt want to be thought of as a leader but a "Sikh" who is still learning and wanted to be among the sangat.

Since April 2003, Bhai Sahib took away his "Sant" title and now has called him self "Bhai" and now wears an indian style pugg, Bhai Sahib has also removed his cholla and wears a plain kurta pygama.

One last thing but probably the most important, Listen to Kirtan, Enjoy Kirtan but importantly take what Gurbani is saying to you and implement it into your life, don't think of kirtan as Khaan Raas, listening to it for one hour and then going back to the same old self.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI Fateh

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