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One Day, Sant Gyanni Sunder Singh Ji, while holding discussion on practising the Divine Name, said, "If Guru Nanak Dev Ji showers his blessings on a person, he could attain the next spiritual stage automatically provided, he recites the Divine Name in single track devotion. Therefore, a person has only to meditate, practising single track devotion". On this, Sant Attar Singh Ji confirmed it to be correct. In the beginning a sikh devotee recites the Divine Name and holy hymn loudly. By this way, his attention concentrates. After that with meditation only, one can remain in the stage of concentration. Later, lips become motionless and only tongue practices the Divine Name. After some time, the tongue too stops movement. Then 'Kanth' (pharynx) also stops working and subsequently direct constant link with the Divine God is established. In this stage, each and every hair of the human body emits the sound of 'Waheguru' (the Divine Name). And even all world and every thing in it is heard reciting 'Waheguru'.

"Jo Bolat Hai Mirg Meen Pankhero

So Bin Har Japat Hai Nahi Hore" (1265)

"Whatsoever deer, fish, birds speak, they only recite the Divine Naam."

A devoted person like this, lives in this world without involving himself in the worldly affairs.

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