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Inside the mind of a serial killer...

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Inside the mind of a freethinking killer:

There is no God.

There is no absolute morality or justice to be accountable to.

I am free to make up my own rules.

Of course, not everyone would agree with my rules, but who cares? They're my rules.

I guess of my rules has to be, My rules override anyone else's.

Hmmm. They may try to stop me somehow. So I must be careful not to get caught. But if I'm careful ...

I wonder what I can get away with?

How about murder?

Well, not really murder. What is murder anyway? Richard Dawkins and others say we're just here to try to spread our genes.

So it's just competition. Survival of the fittest. Just like the T-shirts of one of those Columbine killers: natural selection.

And if it's fun as well, so what? One of my other rules: accumulate pleasure.

What do you think ?

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