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Baba Farid and Sheikh Farid.


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Can someone please tell me if they are both same people or two different people??

I have few more questions-

Did baba farid or sheikh farid met guroo nanak sahib nirankar?

Because i just saw one of the premi gursikh claiming:

Baba Farid jee was indeed from a Muslim background, but this is not the original Sheikh Farid from hundreds of years before Guru Nanak, this is the baaNee written by his descendant who indeed had become a Sikh of Guru Nanak. Like I've said many times before, the Bhagats in Sree Guru Granth Sahib were all Sikhs of Guru Nanak and this has been prooven.

This is not the first time i m hearing this.... can someone please enligthen in this issue??

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I was reading this book with the title "so said sheik farid" and in it in a few places just before the salok is written "in the words of Guru Nanak" or "in the words of Farid Ji" and "in the words of the fifth Guru - Arjan"

I just didnt get it. :oops:

Especially since the whole book is meant to be about Farid Ji's writings.


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Shaikh farid and baba Farid are indeed the same person

During the time of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji the descendant of baba farid who is known only as sheikh ibrahim in the janamsakhis shared many discourses together.

the sufis claim that the bani which is contained within the Satguru Granth sahib ji is from sheikh ibrahim who used the name of farid in his bani in the same was way the gurus all used nanak

however Guru Arjan Dev ji who were nirankar jot would not have made such a mix up as they were the knower of all and they would only put in bani of bhagats that had merged with god and it is definately the bani of Bhagat Farid Ji

However if you speak to the sufis they will still disagree.

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hello all,

This thread has baffled me as well. I was told by an akj singh that I should never entertain the thought that guru nanak "didn't" meet sheikh farid because sheikh farid was a gursikh of guru nanak, and his whole basis for the argument was that they met in some spiritual realm. (the only reason I have brought up that the singh was akj was because he was heavy on doing bhagtee and had a mystical leaning).

Others have said (professors et al.) that the baani was an outcome of conversations with sheikh brehm, and the only thing was that guru nanak had given his commentary on top of sheik farid ji's baani.

this is where the issue arises in my mind... what is true?

then the whole topic of bani being nirmol and the guru's only taking in nirmol baani/dhur ki baani enters the picture

then I ask what about baba bulleh shah? what is the stance on mira bhai?

is gurbani special (as in the words themselves) or is it the application which is meant to be more (my reason for asking this question was the fact that some baani is written more than once but with a few changes in words.

please help to clarify



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Farid And Guru Nanak Dev Ji

taken from book: The Mystic Melodies of Shaikh Farid, page- 23

Like to share with the sangat this paragraph I found recently that above mentioned book.

Guru Nanak Dev (1469-1539 A.D) the founder of Sikhism, who lived some three centuries later, found in Farid a Kindred soul. He understood to have travelled to Pak Pattan and met of the latter's descendants. 7 This may or may not be true, but there is no denying the fact that not only did Guru Nanak himself study throughly, and comment poetically upon, whatever of Farid's compositions he found, but also handed them over to his successors for careful preserveration. The fifth in his line, Guru Arjan Dev (1563- 1606 A.d), gave to it a place of honour in the scripture which he compiled. The sikhs to this day respect the word of Shaikh Farid as they do the teachings of their own gurus.

The fact is that Shaik Farid's influence tanscends the narrow considerations of caste, creed, and faith- even the national boundaries. For, farid is really a common link between India and some of its neighbouring countries. He belongs to the whole world, to the whole humanity. He is a hope for freindship and amity. The way of life advocated by him is an ideal worth striving for. "Gift me not scissors," he once told a visitor who presented him with a pair, "give me a needle. I mend, I do not rend. "

7 Guru Nanak Dev's visit to pak pattan has been mentioned in the Janam Sakhis. However, bhai gurdas ( 1551-1629 A.D), the first sikh scholar who has recorded the major events of the Guru's life in his first Var; is silent on the subject

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  • 2 months later...

I got this again...

Based on a book called Bhagat Baani by Giani Gurdit Singh, he has pretty much extensivly researched and proved the above false.

He travelled to the birthplaces of the bhagats and has researched numerous old manuscripts to arrive at the conclusion that all bhagats physically met Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee and adopted him their Guru. Bhagat Kabir jee met him at Ayodhya along with other bhagats like Bhagat Ramanand jee. After this meeting he became a Sikh of Guru Sahib and accepted Naam from Siri Guru jee.

If i can give some references from this book i will but im busy with finals for next couple weeks. assuming ur interested at all, raise the issue with me again in a few weeks.

I need some back ground on giani gurdit singh.. who is he?? where was he from?? what his back ground? what jatha he belonged to??? How authentic his writing are?? Does his writing are accepted in panthik level??

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