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State of Panth Today! Where is Guru’s Khalsa???


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I just wanted to share an post by penji and wanted to discuss about it

Just like 2 share few thoughts with fellow Gursikh Students about Khalsa Panth. Hmm, don’t know where 2 begin. Equality? Manmat in our Gurdwara? Saint-Solider? Unity???

Lets start with Equality. Guru ji gave us Equality, Equality between high and low caste (hence the concept of Langer), Equality between Men and Women, Equality between rich and poor. Going back 2 equality between castes, although Gursikhs treat each other nicely, but when it comes 2 marriage no one is willing 2 marry outside their caste or jathas. This Hindu system of castes is embedded so deep into hearts of Gursikhs, seems like its impossible 2 get it out. Many Amritdari Gursikhs really proud of using their family surnames. Who is going 2 use SINGH & KAUR after their names, given by Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. When I write KAUR after my name, it reminds of 10th Satguru, it feels like I got a straight link with him. Equality between Men and Women, Guru ji gave it, Marayda of the Panth gave it, why is not being implemented? Women cant be in 5 Parahs, Women cant even stand in the way when Guru Granth Sahib is taken back in Harminder Sahib (cos women r impure), let alone be allowed 2 do any sewa there, Women cant do kirtan in Harminder Sahib although there r countless Women Kirtani Jathas. I think a Sikh who believes in Jaat-paat and doesn’t give equality 2 Women is failing 2 understand the basic principle of Sikhi, WE R ALL EQUAL. We cant even treat other Gursikhs with equality, pihar and respect how r we gonna respect people from other religions.

Manmat in Gurdwaras, Lighting of Jot, existence of water in bottles (the so called Amrit), Fight and Race 4 Leadership, Existence of Gurdwaras belonging 2 different Jaats & Jathas etc. Why has all this rubbish flourished in our Gudwaras?

There r numerous so called SANTS in the Panth (not referring 2 great Sants who did spread sikhi), where r the soldiers? Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj gave us a Kirpan, who many of us actually know how 2 use that Kirpan effectively in a life death situation. Come around Viasakihi time, most Singhs hold Siri Sahibs in their hands, do they know how 2 use that Sword if it was needed? Didn’t want 2 say it but we have become a kum of fats not soldiers. A Sikh is Fit not Fat (as my Gatka Ustad says), maybe Guru Pita Ji should have said my Khalsa should train 4 this long everyday (not questioning Guru!) alongside doing Nitnem. We don’t know how 2 defend ourselves in a fight, let alone protect others. Western people r coming into our Gurdwaras and attacking and killing us, having a Kirpan on us we r still getting beaten up.

Last but not least, when we gonna unite? Different jathas, maraydas, arguments, Hindu manmat, name it exists in Sikhi Today. “Ekka Bani, Eke Gur, Eku Sabad Vichaar”. We got one Guru Granth Sahib Ji, One Guru, why do we still disagree? I think we r paying the price as we r slowly being destroyed in India, Sikhs girls being persuaded 2 convert in UK, Dastaar being in question in Europe etc.

I don’t mean 2 offended anyone, just like 2 know if I m the only weirdo thinking such way.

I agree with some of issue she adressed but didnt agree with what she has to call manmaats... like for example- Lighting of Jot.. I thought that was one of puratan maryada that we stopped praticing..

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