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just to let you know i have the following for all on the hub to download in my folder

Dasam Bani - Chandi Di vaar, Chandi Carritar, Akaal Ustat and Ugardantee

Nitnem by baba Baljinder singh ji from Rara Sahib

Numerous photos of Sants and smagams

Kirtan from Bhai Balbir Singh Ji including bir raas kitan and a new cd

About four divans by baba Amar Singh Ji from Nanaksar

2 VCDs one of Baba Baljinder Singh Ji kooralee walay and Baba Mohinder Singh Ji Rara Sahib Walay

Divan by Baba Waryam singh ji about Guru Amar Das Ji

Divan By Baba Darshan Singh Ji

evertime i get something new i will update this thread.

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Hub is a place where users can share files with other users...its kinda like kazaa, napster, morpheus .. file sharing program...

Just download DC++ and install it from : http://download.com.com/3000-2196-10250900.html

just on setting put your ip address- and passive mode and connect to gursevahub.com and you are in... bare raag kirtan there man...about 570 Gigs of kirtan audio, video both shared, above 30 some users there on all the time.

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Added today onto my folder in the hub

3 divans by baba maan singh ji pehova walae

"Man Bachae Satgur Kae Paas"

"Manas Dehee Milan Dee Mehta"

"Sikhi Utton Jana Warian" live recording 16/2/2001

more to come including more divans by the bhindrawalae sants, rarae walae sants and nanaksar sants.

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today added to my folder the following

divan by Baba Baljeet Singh Ji Khalsa Dadoo Sahib Walae "Bhai Joga Singh Di Sakhi"


"Jap Ji Sahib" and "Rehraas" done by Bhai Balbir Singh Ji.

Please feel free to down load them.

alot more still to come

also check out gurmatveechar.com where i have posted all of the katha by taksal sants. alot more will be on that site soon as well


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Added today to my folder on the hub

"Badavae Parva Lo Tutia Gunda Lo" and

"Vichuria Nu Milap"

Both divans by Baba Baljeet Singh Ji Khalsa Dadoo Sahib Walae. Believe me the one about the Beadava is fantastic.

please feel free to download them

alot more still to come

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On the hub, here is typical look at my(Akaal108) share with new stuff just got added:

Sant baba attar singh ji barsi by sant baba daler singh ji

Sant baba ishar singh ji new divans added (in the folder new added march21st)

Jagjit Singh Album added with sholak 9.

Shalok of baba farid and bhagat kabir by hans raj hans

More to come

Bhai avtar Singh 4 Caseete Album

Sant maharaj rara sahib divans

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added today recordings of baba Waryam Singh Ji on Amritbani on 14/03/2004 and 28/03/2004.

alot more to come

also to all those that say naam is waheguru simran please listen to the katha by baba waryam singh ji on the 28/03/2004 where they mention naam as being seperate and it is inside you with the mantra being different..... please listen before the slagging off of these great souls starts again.

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