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Gurmukhi and M.K Gandhi!


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M.K Gandhi on Gurmukhi


"And Punjabi ? The Sikhs will die for Punjabi written in Gurmukhi

script. There is no elegance about that script. But I understand

it was specially invented like Sindhi to isolate the Sikhs from

the other Hindus. Whether such was the case or not, it seems to me

impossible at present to persuade the Sikhs to give up Gurmukhi."

Letter to Jawaharlal Nehru, 3-8-1937.

"When you post the Granth Saheb, you may pack the precious shawl,

if that will satisfy your soul. I understand that the Granth Saheb

is available in Hindi characters with Hindi translation. If it is

a Gurumukhi edition, you will have to send me a Gurumukhi primer

with equivalent Hindi alphabet. I wish you could persuade

enlightened Sikhs to take to the Devnagari script in the place of Gurmukhi."

Letter to Amrit Kaur, 14-11-1936.

Contributer: Sukhdev Singh Chawla

90 volume work titled "The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi", published by The Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, contains all the lectures and writings of Gandhi.

Gandhi has commented and/or written about various aspects of Sikhism/Sikhs, some of which are:

- Sikhism being a part of Hinduism

- Guru Granth Sahib being identical to Vedas

- Guru Gobind Singh being a misguided patriot

- Denial of Kirpan to Sikhs

- Discouraging Sikhs from using Gurmukhi and instead to use Hindi

to read Guru Granth Sahib

- Guru Nanak Dev Ji having based his teachings on Kabir

- And ofcourse those hollow promises of freedom & liberty.

The period covered is 1905 to 1948.

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Thank you for posting this brother.

I made a post awhile back showing that Punjabi language is by far older than Hindi and has a unique and distinct written form dating back to the 10th CE. It was from that script (Landa) which Gurmukhi was developed from.

It is clear from this that Mohan Gandhi was an instigator and supporter of the right-wing Hindu agenda to destroy Sikhism and assimilate the religion into this umbrella-term for a thousand and one different cults and sects called "Hinduism".

Before partition most of Punjab's Hindus were bi-lingual in Punjabi and Urdu, some even spoke and studied in Persian. Now they are largely Hindi speaking and have been assimilated into the Cow-belt. Punjabi Hindus are the biggest losers in this regard, they have given up their language, culture and even their own religious identity for a bunch of foreign crap like Hindi and Arya Samaj. Not only this but they have lost out on their centuries old relationship with the Sikhs, who are their own brothers and sisters.

Does anyone find it surprising that when Sikhs and Pakistani Punjabis meet and discuss on Punjabiyat there is no mention of Punjabi Hindus or states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh?

It may have been easy for these propagandists and fanatics to assimilate and destroy the identity of Punjabi Hindus, but it will never work with Sikhs. I take comfort in knowing that there are hundreds of Gurdwaras all over the world teaching Punjabi in Gurmukhi to the next generation.

The preservation of Punjabi language and Gurmukhi script is no doubt a big achievement and conclusive victory for the Sikhs over the forces of "Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan".

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