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What Be The Purpose Of Life ?


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If we all came from The One Eternal God in the first place, and religion tells us that we should now all try and get back to where we started from, I dont understand what is the purpose of Life here on Earth?. Anyone willing to enlighten me with some divine understanding, sounds like I'm in going round in circles ? 8)

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Masti Ji,

Welcome to the Forum first of all.

Guroo nanak sahib nirankar started up prema bhakti which is shabad surat marg. You dont need to wander around in the jungles and search for god.

God is within you and all around you. The whole challenge is conquer your mind and absorb naam in it...getting married i agree can be hassle but its encouraged by our guroo's that his sikh does bhagti in gristh jeevan and work (kirat karni).

As we have raja janak stated in guroo granth sahib ji (shabad guroo). He who was badshah (raja) /king and was also a bhramgyani.

Raja Janak hai Maya Vich Udaasi

Raja Janak was the one who surrounded by a maya and worldy things but he was a still bhramgyani (god merger) because the main challenge is occupy your mind.

Mann Nuo Kabuoo karna haie, jungla vich jaan dii kii loor haie.. you can do bhagti/smadhi in your room. And still do worldy things but without attachment of (wife, freinds, family, cars, holidays, property, maya, children etc).

Prema Bhakti is all khed man diii (Its a play of mind) and off course love(emotions) towards creator and his creation... :D

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Thank You Kindly For The Welcome !

Hmmm...........if GOD is already Within Me like you say, why am I looking for Him then ?

And, sounds like I need to Two Faced here, one minute I'm supposed to be Doing everything I do in the World, the next minute I'm supposed to change my suit and become a gaini-ji ?

Why the HyPOCRISY my friend, surely NONE can serve TWO MASTERS ?


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You have very valid question Masti.

The problem is that we read too much these days as online is ocean of text and try to judge Sikhism from the another religion's point of view.

Here is good thread in which Yuktanad Singh ji gave good explanation and cure as well.


Unity of God ( Good article for you )


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Thank you for your reply and two very thought provoking links you put forward. Good work..................but !

The First Link Article

Attempts to explain a conundrum of views in CONFLICT & CONTRADICTION and my initial requirement for the 'meaning of life' is lost in argument and controvesy. What I need an answer for is, why did GOD make Life and why are we existing in this Life, which would give me the answer to the Meaning Of Life. Religions throughout the World inlcuding Sikhism give us faith, beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, practices, penances, rewards, punishment, status, rank, privelege, family, inheritance and on and on and on and on...! This Article does not answer this question in any shape, form or matter .....sorry! :(

I totally and rigidly dispute the ascertain that a Guru cannot be challenged on the Word he has given. If you are a father of a child, am I to assume that the child must always do the DICTATE of a father without question or can I DICTATE to my wife or partner in Life and keep them like a slave ? There have been many DICTATORS in this World and the majority of them are now lying in graves six foot under.

One cannot DICTATE ANYTHING TO ANYONE without hatred, oppression, war and dispute rising to the fore. The human mind being what it is, will always be like that of a child questioning a father, as to why he or she must not play with fire. Lo! They still touch fire though.....!

I CANNOT VISUALISE the GURU being a DICTATOR and me or you being a MINDLESS SLAVE, why weren't we made just made ROBOTS then? Why waste time giving us a mind to think, judge, experiment, try, propose or whatever...!!

This link tells me what a Sikh should be, which contradicts with what the Article is suggesting.


The Second Link Article

Now this was very refreshing, unusal, thought provoking, very descriptive and concise in teaching me what OUR GOD is probably like. So, I'll need some time to get my head round all of this and then I'll push the debate further. :)

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As a programmer, i have to break the big problem into smaller parts so its easier to tackle with and understood properly. I have this simple analogy which i will write in my post.

Our parents send us to school to learn.

We go to school and learn various subjects.

If we dont listen to the teacher and always cause trouble, Chances are we will fail and be put back inthe same class, if not sent to a lower class.

There is no way we can go to university if we havent completed our highschool education or primary school education.

So how does this relate to life?

God our father and mother has sent us here on earth to learn.

This world is our school.

Sikhi is our course.

Gurus are our teachers.

We can choose to ignore what the gurus have taught us and fail the final exam.

if we fail the exam then we will be sent bak ( reincarnation :D)

if we do well in the school then we shall be off to the university of sachkhand :)

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