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Tell me, O Apostate Sikh !

Why do you go astray?

Why do you discard Sikh appearance ?

What is you compulsion to go away?

What do you gain by losing your form-

By disowning the Guru's norm

Recieving a slur on your forhead,

And proving traitrous to the Panth ?

Why are you in a dilemna ?

Why waver you in loyalty ?

Why are you inclined towards apostasy

Giving up the regalia of royalty?

Why you violate the Sikh Code ?

Renegading from your Guru is so sad

Why do you need company of the evil,

And make friendship with the Bad ?

Remember those two innocent lives

Who preferred to be bricked alive.

They wavered not in faith

But gave up their lives to let their faith thrive

Sikhs have learnt to be martyrs,

To write history with their blood.

They never begged for life

But gave away lives as a scud.

Mothers lost their sons,and

Recieved garlands of their heads.

Gave up life, instead their faith.

Smilingly sans tears ever shed.

They prayed in distress and grief

Fought till end to be in brief

But smiles ever played on their lips,

Even death learnt some new tips.

No more is there threat of fanatic law,

No more is their any ruler of Ghazani to threaten,

Then why do you feel so heart beaten ?

The entire world respects your valour

In enough wealth and property are you fed.

Everything of luxury you own

But luxuries seem to have gone to your head.

You get the diet you wish,

You get all shines and bright

You can't discard the hair,

You don't have the slightest right.

The hair are the trust of the Tenth Master,

Violate not the trust you got free.

Why do you earn rebuke from the Panth ?

Why cut at the roots of your life-tree ?

Those who ditch their community

Subservient they ever are to others.

Those who destroy their own dwellings

And nevertheless sinful brothers.

Get up,take the cudgel

Nothing will be left if once you are plundered.

The festival of Gurmet is on

Come dear,take part,happily surrendered.

If you bow at the Guru's feet,

And pray with folded hands,

The filth of egoism will vanish surely

And you will regain Sardari grand

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Fateh Pyaareo,

I am a real Proud SikhAwareness Member...

I like the Sangat here.Thanx to Baba Jee (Guru)

for the nice comments you have posted

in context to this poem by a Guru Pyaraa.

Wahe Guru Jee Ka Khalsa ;

Wahe Guru Jee Ki Fateh...

the show will go on.................

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