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Gur Sikhi In Punjab


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Iam very ashamed that the sikhi is taking a back stage in the place where it orignated that is Punjab,People are getting patit every day and are on a spree of defaming the sikhreligion sikhs are cutting their hairs and still tying turbans this is a matter of shame for all of us, it appears as if these kind of people are actually defaming the sikh religion I normally face a common question from my friends that is Trimming of hairs allowed in Sikhism? or why donot you trim your beard as most of the people are doing it speciall this bug og trimming is spreading through the Punjab Police and through the punjabi singers who appear on TV shows this is very disturbing we need to do something on this burning issue at the earliest, I would suggest that we must hold Gurmat Pracher Darbars in India and must try and bring some of these misled lot of peopleback into the main fold. Iam staying at a place known as Kalkaji In DELHi I have more than 6 Gurudwars in radius of less than 2 to 3 KM. with sangat being limited the gurudwaras are not being taken care of properly and during the keertan time you will not find even 10 people sitting in the hall and listning to the Keertan, I feel we must put a check on unplanned growth of Gurudwaras and must use the money saved to spread GURUSIKHI AND TO HAVE MORE SCHOOLS AND HOSPITALS opened to serve the humanity.



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Th world is growing less spiritual - its a problem happening in every religion u can name - but we need to be pro active rather than reactive in our stance as u said.

I hope summat can be done to make life better for our children but im afraid it looks like it will become worse before it becomes better

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guru fateh ji,

i think, wat so ever difficulties v r facing abt sikhism is wholey ur politicians. daily v r reading in newspaper that jathedars have done this & this. this whole effects our religion. today our politicians need only seat but not religion.

members of shiromani comittee in gurd parbhandak comitee r giving away alcolhal, cash money just for the sake of their seats.

so 1st v have to change whole parbhandaks.


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sikhism in panjab has been messed up big time

when i say this im not BSing, there are 2 problems in punjab, 1st is police, harrassing torturing killing sikhs, they need to be killed first, trust me i know youth who are planning this as we speak and they arent messing about.

second problem is the hindian govt is totatlly against sikhi. they are paying off the SGPC to just mess about. wondered why so many biharis are being flooded into panjab? take a guess. before u know it hindi will be the state national language.

the only way out is to get independant rule in panjab, LOTS of parchar which i will be doing in india, and getting rid of the police etc

also sikhs need real role models, they used to have bhindranwale etc, now all they have is harbhajan singh and all the stoopid bhangra people (which is against sikhi BTW)

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I think that India needs a lot more parchar happening. Here in Canada, most of the Gurudwara that are near my city all have Gurbani, Katha, Kirtan, happening two times a day for sure, if not the whole day. The Gurudwara in India, in the pinds are practically empty and the only person you would find is the Granthi, and some of them even keep the Guru Granth Sahib Ji in closets. It’s quite sad that people have Gurudwara in their pind and they only go once a month to do Guru’s Darshan (on Sangrand).

I think that all of us Sikhs need to stick together. Sikhism is already being broken down into different sects. One thing I noticed is that some of us are racist against our own race (hehe, sounds funny, but I hope you understand what I’m saying). I mean our own fellow Sikhs call each other names (you speak a few words of Punjabi and they’ll call you a ref!) :roll: . If we all stick together, there is nothing in this world that can shake us, after all we’re all children of Guru Gobind Singh. :D

Bhul chuk mauph


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