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Jiiiv Atma....


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Sat siri akaal everyone,

I m starting up an never-ending topic on Jeev Atma. Unfortunately, we as normal humans have very limited knowledge of atma (subtle body).

I was reading this mini book "Sajan Chalie Piiyaara". I find it really fascinating when i came across with this page. Basically sant siri man 108 baba ishar singh explains how bakshi hoyia rooha (blessed souls) dont have to suffer garab jaun (9 months in womb). Their souls attach with garab sirara(body in womb) through an "Silver Cord" (Chaandi Vargi Taar). When baby is born then soul gets into the body.

Note: We as normal beings do suffer from garab jaun. Above is only for blessed souls.

As gurbani mentions:

Janam Maran Douh Mein Nahi Jan Paropkari Aie||

Ji Daan Daie Bhakti Laieen Har Saio Lain Millaie|| page- 749 (SGGS)

And i think sukhmani sahib mentions something like blessed souls dont go through garab jaun as well.

I would like to know sangat's view what one's view on Jiiv Atma.

What is Atma first of all?? Is it dirty like human body with anger, lust, ego, pride?? Or is it clean??

If Atma gets effected after death due to the action of human then atma = mind consicouness because mind is the cause for atma suffering after death.

I know this topic is very complex. But please share your views..

On a side Note: Please attachment -Page i scanned talking about the silvercord.

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