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My first post on sikhawareness... Barinder veerji nice site :D

Jio, there is a raensbai coming up on the 27th of March, ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO PLEASE COME. Whether you know tabla, kirtan, anythin or just want laha from sangat... everyone can come. Kirtan not stricted to just one type .. all guru jis variety.

Please read the following information and sangat jio please spread guru jis word.. we hope to see as much sangat here!

bhul chuk maph!

jwsu jpq iPir dUKu n lwgY] jwsu jpq ieh haumY BwgY]

Meditating on Him, suffering shall never again overtake you.Meditating on Him, this ego runs away.

so jnu swcw ij haumY mwrY] gur kY sbid pMc sMGwrY] Awip qrY sgly kul qwrY]

Those humble beings are true, who conquer their ego. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, they conquer the five thieves. They save themselves, and save all their generations as well.

The Sikh Students’ Association of University of Waterloo

in co-operation with

Gurdwara Saheb Golden Triangle Sikh Association, Kitchener, ON

request your presence at the Raensabaaee Keertan Darbar

on March 27th, 2004 starting 8 P.M.

The Keertan topic is haumY (Homai)

• Please select a shabad(s) that is related to this topic (if you need help with this go to www.sikhitothemax.com and search for shabads on haumY)

• email the main line of the shabad and page number to kirtandarbar@hotmail.com

• or call (519) 573-4562 and/or (519) 885-9832 and leave us your info.

We request all Shabads to be submitted by March 17, 2003

• As we receive your emails, we will make a list of shabads that are being sung to avoid duplication of shabads. If the shabad you select is already chosen by someone else we can suggest you some other ones.

• We will be using A projector and Screen to display the shabads being read. However, if you can explain the meaning of the shabad you are reading in your own words, that would be wonderful.

Directions to Kitchener Gurdwara:

From Hwy 401 take Exit for hwy 8 towards Kitchener/Waterloo

Exit Hwy 7 West towards Stratford.

Drive about 5 minutes take Trussler Road North (turn right)

Left at Stop Sign onto Highland Rd.

Drive 1 minute and Gurdwara is on Right hand side.


qau ikrpw qy haumY qutY ]1]

By Your Grace, egotism is eradicated. ||1||

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Just want to add we are putting a different component to this where kirtanees get to stay on a specific topic ... "Hoamai"... this type of kirtan darbar has been performed at many kirtan darbar raensbais... and we really think it will be awesome to have one here.

We encourage all kirtanees if they can send in your shabads. IF ANYONE does not want to stay on the specific topic, but still wants to do a shabad, that is great but it would be great to know who is doing a shabad and how many and which one ... :) ... thank you jio and hope to see as much sangat come out!

bhul chuk maph!

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